Two Ways to DIY a Giant Spider for Halloween

Creepy, crawly and oh-so-scary — these giant house spiders are the perfect way to haunt your house for Halloween.

Photo by: Jennie Andrews

Jennie Andrews

This Halloween, skip the seasonal standards like pumpkins and scarecrows and opt for something unconventional to give trick-or-treaters and passersby a fright. These arachnid adornments are larger than life, yet making them is quick and easy. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have giant spiders crawling all over your home.

Turn Baskets Into a Monstrous House Spider

Materials Needed

  • wire topiary basket
  • small wire basket
  • black duct tape
  • (8) 3' pipe insulators
  • clear fishing line
  • nails and a hammer

1. Craft Spider Body and Head

Use black duct tape to fully cover a large wire topiary basket and a small wire basket until each basket is totally blacked out (Images 1-4).

2. Create Spider Legs

Use wire cutters to cut 16-gauge black wire into eight 4-foot pieces, then slide each piece into a 3-foot section of pipe insulation (Image 1). Remove the yellow tape from the pipe insulation, then bend one end of the wire so it doesn’t pull through (Images 2 & 3).

3. Assemble the Spider

Attach the legs to the large basket by sticking the loose wire through the black duct tape and twisting to secure in place (Images 1 & 2). To attach the head, attach the smaller basket to the end of the larger basket using wire (Image 3).

4. Finishing Touches

Bend the legs to resemble realistic spider legs. To secure these scary spiders to the side of your house, drive nails and fasten the spiders with clear fishing line.

Photo by: Jennie Andrews

Jennie Andrews

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Or, Turn a Milk Jug Into a Scary Porch Spider

A White Window With a Giant Black Spider Halloween Decoration

A Scary Giant Spider Decoration Hanging From a Window

A giant black spider made of a milk jug and pipe insulation hangs from an old, white window. The spider has big, red eyes and long gray legs.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Materials Needed

  • clean, empty milk jug
  • 2 milk jug lids
  • black duct tape
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • 4' of black wire
  • 4) 6' sections of black pipe insulation
  • hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • decoupage medium
  • black glitter

1. Create Milk Jug Body

To begin your giant spider creation, use scissors to cut the spout off of a gallon milk jug (Image 1) and set the lid to the side for later use. Next, use a craft knife to cut a small hole in the center of the bottom of the jug (Image 2). Snake about 4 feet of wire through the hole and out the spout (Image 3). Next, cover the entire jug with black duct tape (Image 4). Finish the scary spider body by coating all sides but one with decoupage glue and black glitter (Image 5).

2. Attach Legs

Once the glitter has dried, use black duct tape to tape four 6-foot pieces of pipe insulation to the non-glittered side of the milk jug (Image 1) and twist the metal wire around the insulation to hold in place (Image 2). Use scissors to cut the excess wire off. On each of the eight legs, cut a notch out for a knee (Image 3) and tape each side of the notch together using black duct tape to create a curved leg (Images 4 & 5).

3. Final Touches

To finish off your spider, attach milk jug lids to the spider's body with hot glue (Images 1 & 2). Hang the spider on a front porch wall using more metal wire or fishing line. This creepy crawler is sure to give arachnophobes a fright!

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DIY Giant Spooky Spider
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