DIY Your Very Own Giant Porch Spider for Halloween

This is the one spider you’ll want to keep on your porch all season long!

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Deck out your porch this Halloween with a DIY giant spider you can make in no time.
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If you’re not DIYing your Halloween decor, you’re doing it wrong. In our opinion, homemade decor has a much more charming feel to it than the cheesy, overpriced, molded-plastic Halloween decor that is currently cluttering up all the big box stores. Best of all, you’ll be beaming with pride every time you get to show off your spooky creations.

Create Milk Jug Body

To begin your giant spider creation, use scissors to cut the spout off of a gallon milk jug and set the lid to the side for later use. Next, use a craft knife to cut a small hole in the center of the bottom of the jug. Snake about 4 feet of wire through the hole and out the spout. Once the wire is fished through and centered in place, cover the entire jug with black duct tape. Finish the scary spider body by coating all sides but one with decoupage glue and black glitter.

Attach Legs

Once the glue has dried, use black duct tape to tape four 6-foot pieces of pipe insulation to the non-glittered side of the milk jug and twist the metal wire around the insulation to hold in place. Use scissors to cut the excess wire off. On each of the eight legs, cut a notch out for a knee and tape each side of the notch together using black duct tape to create a curved leg.

Final Touch

To finish off your spider, take the milk jug lid from before along with an additional lid and hot glue them to the head. If you wish to hang the spider somewhere, use the metal wire or black duct tape, depending on what will work best for your specific surface. This creepy crawler is sure to have a big impact no matter where it is!

A White Window With a Giant Black Spider Halloween Decoration

A Scary Giant Spider Decoration Hanging From a Window

A giant black spider made of a milk jug and pipe insulation hangs from an old, white window. The spider has big, red eyes and long gray legs.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

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