No Boards About It: DIY Alternative Headboard Options

Instead of committing to the latest headboard trend, save some money, and keep your options open with these super simple DIY headboard alternatives.

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Check out these thrifty alternative headboard ideas that are a snap to make.

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Headboards and bed frames come in all shapes and sizes. It’s sometimes difficult to find a frame that is the size you need, the style you want and that also comes with a headboard you love — especially on a budget! Before you pay an arm and a leg for this year’s top trend, try livening up your bedroom’s style with these adorable (and affordable) headboard alternatives.

Washi Tape Headboard

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Materials Needed

  • yard stick
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • blue chalk line
  • framing square
  • colored washi tape
  • scissors

Create Outer Frame

Begin by measuring and popping a horizontal chalk line on the wall 36 inches above the top of the mattress. Use a framing square to create vertical lines on the wall at the edge of the bed. Apply colored washi tape on the drawn lines to create the outer lines of the headboard.

Create Inner Design

With a measuring tape, mark the center of the horizontal line at the top and the bottom, and use the chalk line to create a centered vertical line. Using a yard stick and pencil, mark every inch on the centered vertical line. With different colors of washi tape, connect the outer frame with the centered vertical line to achieve the ideal look. You can apply as many or as few washi lines and colors as you prefer. Once applied, cut any excess tape off the ends and tape the outer frame once more to hide the ends of the angled lines.

Chair Pillow Headboard

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Materials Needed

  • yard stick
  • pencil
  • blue chalk line
  • level
  • curtain rod + hardware
  • drill + bits
  • (3) 16" chair pillows with ties

With a yard stick, a pencil and a chalk line, create a horizontal line 24 inches above the bed. After ensuring the line is level, install the curtain rod hardware on each end of the line, being sure to line it up with the sides of the mattress. After installing the rod and any necessary hardware, hang your choice of chair pillows to create a cozy, clean look.

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