DIY Garden Windsocks

Get crafty and add a touch of whimsy to your July 4th celebration with these festive garden windsocks.
Get Crafty: Firecracker Windsocks

Get Crafty: Firecracker Windsocks

These easy to make windsocks dance and flutter in the breeze.

Photo by: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo by Melissa Caughey

These easy to make windsocks dance and flutter in the breeze.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved seeing colorful windsocks outside my window. Even in college I kept one on the small balcony that I shared with my roommates. Windsocks are a great way to add motion and whimsy to your yard, garden or outdoor living spaces. Just like garden flags, there are many different styles and color schemes to choose from.

Historically, windsocks were first seen in Japanese culture. Often they took on the image of a fish and were made from painted paper or silk. These windsocks or koinobori, when flown, signified a life event, such as the birth of a child. Nowadays they have become a tradition to fly on the Japanese holiday Children's Day. Over time, many cultures adapted windsocks for their functionality in determining wind direction.

Windsocks are easy to make on your own. They are a fun craft that you can change up with the seasons. Kids also love to get involved in creating this craft. Minimal sewing skills are needed for this craft, or you can try using a good quality fabric glue if sewing is not your forte. This year these windsocks are going to make their debut at our 4th of July barbecue. Here's what you will need to get started:

Supply List: 

  • Nylon material
  • Polyester cord #2
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Sewing machine 
  • Assorted ribbons
  • Felt stars
  • Fabric glue

Now take a peek at the photo gallery below and the accompanying captions for the step-by-step directions:

Patriotic Windsock How-To

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Get Crafty: Firecracker Windsocks

Learn how to make these firecracker windsocks for your July 4th celebration.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Gather Your Supplies

To make this craft, you will need: nylon parachute fabric (1/4 yard each color)/ assorted ribbons / polyester roping #2 / measuring tape / sewing machine / sewing scissors / fabric glue / and felt stars.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Cut the Pattern

First cut a rectangle from the nylon fabric approximately 15" x 10." This will become the windsock body. Next cut two pieces of fabric into 7.5" x 10" squares. This will become the fringe that attaches to the bottom of the windsock body.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Fringe it Up

You can cut the fringe squares in half (as pictured) or you can leave them whole. Working across the squares, fringe 1" wide strips to within 3" of the top as shown above.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Get Sewing

Sew the fringed pieces across the bottom of the windsock's body.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Add the Cord

Cut a length of cord approximately 20" long that runs across the top of the windsock.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Add the Seam

Fold over the top of the windsock fabric while the cord remains inside. Without sewing the cord, make a 1" seam. You should have a bit of cord hanging out both ends.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Close the Sock

With the wrong side of the windsock facing out, sew a seam down the windsock body. Do not sew onto the fringe.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Sew the Cords

When sewing the seam, be sure the thread grabs the cording and sews it into place like so.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Got Cords?

Cut four 18" long strips of cord.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Cut a Triangle

Without cutting the cord, cut a small triangle into the top seam of the windsock. Then expose the cord in your triangle "window."

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Add the Cords

Tie a piece of cord to the cord that is peeking out the triangle window. Repeat this two more times as shown.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Make the Streamer

Cut assorted ribbons a minimum of 2 feet long each. Try making some different lengths. Tie them together with your fourth piece of cording like so.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Pull it Together

Add the cord with the streamer to the middle of the windsock. Next, gather up all four cords in your hand. Allow the windsock to hang straight and then tie up the cords together.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Add a Star

Glue a felt star to the windsock body. Now you are ready to shine!

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Hang Them Out

Tie your windsocks to a garden crook, a plant hanger or even inside an outdoor umbrella.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Catching A Breeze

Watch your windsocks dance and twirl in the summer breeze.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

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