10 Things We Love About David Visentin

Join us for a moment of zen with Love It or List It's property pro.

David Visentin has been coolly crunching numbers in southern Ontario’s real estate market for two decades and wooing Love It or List It homeowners away from less-than-ideal digs since 2008. His version of reality-TV helmsmanship is so mellow that Hillary Clinton once called his rivalry with co-host Hilary Farr "very calming." ("How can competition be friendly?" David once mused. "What we're very skilled at is getting over arguments." As Hilary puts it, "Even when he's a pain, he's more laid-back than I am.") He's much more, of course, than a serene face — consider these charming ways still waters run deep.

1: He's a jock with a cause (several, actually).

An avid triathlete, David’s not just in it for the endorphins. This month, he spent four hours on a bike to raise funds for pediatric oncology.

2: He goes on movie dates...with his brother.

Leave it to the Visentin men to find a low-key way to take in Ridley Scott’s latest gorefest — and leave it to David to review it diplomatically (when asked if he’d love or list Alien: Covenant, he replied that he fell “somewhere in between”).

3: ...and swims with his sister.

Could Jonathan, Drew and JD Scott go head to head to head with Team Visentin in an athletic competition? This fall, keep your eyes peeled for the HGTV Sibling Olympics (not yet a thing, but we can dream).

4: He's there for his fans.

Running into your favorite property-show host: Most wholesome random-bachelor-party moment ever?

5: He straight-up refuses to dress for the occasion.

We all know David would never compromise this look with rubber boots. (Aside: When he does go casual, he really goes for it.)

6: He takes an unapologetically glass-half-full approach to real estate.

Find someone who looks at you the way David Visentin looks at an old shed.

7: He's a good sport.

David makes no secret of his Toronto Maple Leafs fandom, but when given the opportunity to sound the horn at an away game, he paid respect to his hosts. Classy move, David.

8: He boos with love.

We suspect David’s heckling at Hillary’s Sleeping Beauty performance was both constructive and supportive.

9: He appreciates a good detail shot (and sneaks in a plug for a local charity at the same time).

Again, not holding our breath on seeing David in Wellingtons.

10: He matches his shirt to his phone.

We die.

Follow David on Twitter and Facebook, and click here to catch the next episode of Love It or List It.

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