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Hilary Farr's Top 10 Tips for Couples Navigating a Home Renovation

With a little dose of Tough Love, Hilary helps families make amends and fall in love with their homes all over again.

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Photo: Catherine Nguyen

Hilary Knows Best

Longtime HGTV designer Hilary Farr doesn't shy away from difficult clients. Instead, she steps right into dysfunctional homes that challenge the relationships and emotional well-being of their dwellers. From redecorating a boring space for indecisive homeowners to planning major renovations for strained couples, she powers through the tough stuff on Tough Love With Hilary Farr. Ahead: her best tips for couples navigating challenging home renovations.

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From: Hilary Farr

1. Resolve Budget Conflicts First

The best kitchens almost always require homeowners to compromise on design and budget. “Money conflicts are very common among all couples I work with,” says Hilary. “I share my opinion pretty quickly when I realize that one partner wants a giant fridge and the other partner wants a practical investment.”

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From: Hilary Farr

2. Find Middle Ground

Embracing a new design style while creating a home with your partner is difficult. “It can be polarizing,” says Hilary. “I usually ask a couple to look at design sites separately to flag what they like, then [compare] to see where they're on the same page. It’s a good way to help them find middle ground, and middle ground is everything. It’s the beginning of a conversation on how to open up your mind.”

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From: Hilary Farr

3. Embrace Mixing Styles

Sometimes finding a middle ground might mean mixing styles. If one partner prefers traditional design and the other likes modern, there's no law that says you can't embrace both. "Choose the modern pendants," says Hilary. "You can still use traditional finishes in other ways throughout the space to make both partners happy in a cohesive way."

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