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30 Incredible Curb Appeal Makeovers From 'Home Town'

Take a cue from the experts of inviting exteriors, Ben and Erin Napier. These Home Town hosts know how to amp up the curb appeal of any home. Ahead: Their most inspiring before-and-afters.

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Photo: Laura Good. From: Home Town.

Fantastic Curb Appeal? Child’s Play

It’s no secret that Home Town's Erin and Ben Napier love a picture-perfect first impression: Erin’s just-so portraits of the Laurel, Mississippi, homes she and her husband transform are now so iconic they’ve become a coloring book. Case in point: These before-and-after pairings. From clever color tweaks and landscaping glow-ups to jaw-dropping “is that the same property?!” transformations, Erin and Ben's exterior-transformation tricks boast ideas for every budget.

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The Crosby House: Before

The quaint little house in a Cape Cod style was in good shape structurally, but the plain brick exterior and dated ironwork left it lacking in visual flair.

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The Crosby House: After

Ben and Erin gave the exterior a substantial facelift with a shingle roof in dark green that provides a colorful contrast to the ivory-white of the brick. "There's just nothing that looks more crisp and fresh than a green-and-white cottage," said Erin. Other new exterior enhancements include a wood accent above the entrance and a carefully selected shade of yellow for the front door that integrates nicely with the creamy white of the brick.

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From: Home Town

The Parker House: Before

It’s time for neglected landscaping and an extraneous ramp to take their leave. This sweet little house needed color and curation to thrive in its next phase of life.

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