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Home Town: Cabin Song

January 17, 2021

Erin and Ben Napier help a Laurel native, now a musician and music producer in Nashville, restore a cherished but deteriorating cabin that had belonged to his father.

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Photo: Laura Good

Musician's Retreat

Ben and Erin restored a family heirloom cabin to create this welcoming and secluded home-base for a musician and audio producer who travels back and forth between Nashville and his original home of Johns County, just outside Laurel, MS.

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Photo: Laura Good

Cabin Fever

Several contractors assessed the condition of the pre-renovation cabin, and turned the project down as being too problematic or costly. Ben and Erin, however, were up to the challenge — especially given the emotional and family connections the place held for their client. This stylized rustic kitchen they created, seen here after completion, offers evidence that their instincts were on target.

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Labor of Love

For this project, Ben and Erin go to special lengths to lovingly restore a cabin that was left to their client, Kevin Edlin, by his late father. "This was Kevin's dad's house, and it's a lot more than just a house," said Erin. "This is one of the last tangible memories that he has of his dad, so we had to save it." The cabin had been vacant for quite some time and, over the years, had fallen into serious disrepair.

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'A Cabin in the Woods'

... as horror-film aficionados know, is the title of a contemporary fright-film set in an isolated country cabin. Sentimental attachments aside, the spooky resemblance of this cabin — in its current state to ones featured in Blair Witch style stories isn't lost on the Napiers or their client. "It could be an excellent film set for a scary movie," said Ben, "...or a home renovation show."

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