8 Best Bath Mats of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We stood and spilled on 20 bath mats to find the softest, most absorbent and slip-resistant options that keep your toes dry and elevate your space.

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January 24, 2024

Best Bath Mats Product Test

Photo by: Amy Marturana Winderl

Amy Marturana Winderl

Our Top Bath Mat Picks

Tested by Amy Marturana Winderl

A bath mat is one of those items you buy partially out of necessity. After all, you need something to step onto with your wet feet after a bath or shower. Yet it's also something that will remain on display in your bathroom even when you're not using it to dry off, and you'll likely step on it multiple times a day. So when you really think about it, a bath mat is so much more than just a bath mat, and finding the best one for your space is definitely important.

It can also feel like a wild goose chase: The options are seemingly endless. Bath mats come in every fabric, color, shape and size combination you can dream of. We tested a little bit of everything to find the best out there, keeping in mind important features like material, care and maintenance, and more.

Best Bath Mats Product Test

Photo by: Amy Marturana Winderl

Amy Marturana Winderl

How We Tested

To find the best bath mats, we put 20 different options through multiple tests. First, we stood on each mat and took note of how the material felt, how comfortable it was, and whether the mat slipped on the floor underneath or stayed put. We then spilled multiple cups of water on each mat and observed how well it absorbed the liquid and whether or not it leaked through the back. We then left the mats out and checked back every few hours to see how long they took to dry. Finally, we washed and dried each mat according to the manufacturer's instructions and took note of any pilling, pulling, unraveling or other signs that the mat did not hold up in the wash. See which bath mats were our favorites down below.

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What We Like
  1. Thick and very comfortable
  2. Looks nice
  3. Very absorbent
What We Don't Like
  1. Doesn't fit underneath the bathroom door

Some products just have it all. That's how we feel about the Legends Hotel Regal Bath Rug. It's thick, fluffy and feels great under your feet. It's got just the right amount of design detail to look both high-end and minimalistic at the same time. And it does its job well: We found this mat to be very absorbent and relatively quick-drying considering how much water we poured onto it (a lot more than it would see after your standard bath or shower). It doesn't have special nonslip backing, yet it somehow stays when you stand on it. It actually took us a second to realize that there was not, in fact, any rubber or plastic on the bottom of it. Our biggest qualm? It's a little too high-pile to fit under the bathroom door. Other than that, we love everything about this bath mat.

  1. Material Cotton
  2. Sizes Available 17"x24", 21"x34", 24"x40", 30"x50", 30"x72"
  3. Colors Available White, Ivory, Bark, Butterscotch, Forest Green, Linen, Sandstone, Seal, Spa Green, Storm, Blue Sky, Malt
  4. Machine Washable? Yes
What We Like
  1. Slip-resistant
  2. Very absorbent
  3. Cushioned and comfortable
What We Don't Like
  1. Only available in one size
  2. Some backing peeled off after washing

Chenille on top and memory foam inside is a winning combination that made this bath mat one of our favorites. It's comfortable to stand on and super absorbent, but it doesn't stay sopping wet like other memory foam mats do. The multi-color design also makes it visually interesting without being too busy. The mat has an excellent nonslip backing, but we did notice a very small amount of the plastic was crumbling off after a wash/dry cycle. It hasn't affected the mat's performance, but we were a little disappointed in the lack of durability. Though, it's also worth noting that it's one of the least expensive mats we tested. Overall, you do get some good bang for your buck.

  1. Material Polyester chenille and memory foam
  2. Sizes Available 20"x34"
  3. Colors Available Gray Stripe, Aqua Stripe, White Stripe, Dark Gray, Navy
  4. Machine Washable? Yes
What We Like
  1. Really soft material
  2. Extremely absorbent
What We Don't Like
  1. No nonslip backing
  2. Only available in one size

There's just something about a plain, minimalistic cotton bath mat that really transports you to a luxury hotel — mentally, of course, since you're still in your same old bathroom with the pile of dirty clothes on the floor. This option from Parachute is made of thick cotton that is silky soft to the touch. It really is a treat for your feet. It also absorbs water immediately and can hold a surprising amount. It did take longer to dry than some of the other mats we tested but hanging it on the towel rack made a huge difference.

  1. Material Turkish cotton
  2. Sizes Available 20"x31"
  3. Colors Available White, Cream, Mineral, Bone, Stone, Spa, Clover, Moss, Dusk, Coal
  4. Machine Washable? Yes
What We Like
  1. Very absorbent
  2. Dries quickly
  3. Nonslip
  4. Inexpensive
What We Don't Like
  1. Not the most durable
  2. Not as cushy as other mats tested

We weren't expecting to love the least expensive bath mat we tested, but here we are. This budget-friendly option from Room Essentials checked almost all of our boxes. It absorbed water surprisingly well for how thin it is, dried quite quickly, had extremely sticky nonslip backing, and was even low-profile enough to fit underneath the bathroom door. All for a cool $7. The downside? It's not nearly as cushy as some of the other mats we tested, and the fabric feels pretty thin, sowing some doubt about how well it will hold up with regular bi-weekly washes. But all in all, it's an excellent bath mat, and even if its lifespan ends up being on the shorter end, replacing it wouldn't be a huge deal because the price point is so good.

  1. Material Polyester chenille
  2. Sizes Available 17"x24", 20"x32", 20"x58"
  3. Colors Available Black, White, Dark Gray, Tan, Mint, Pink, Yellow, Navy, Light Green
  4. Machine Washable? Yes
What We Like
  1. Wide variety of colors and sizes available
  2. Great nonslip backing
  3. Dries quickly
What We Don't Like
  1. Not plush

Many of the bath mats we tested had nonslip backs, but this one from Gorilla Grip really steals the spotlight when it comes to this important feature. Its textured rubber backing is substantial and does its job: The mat did not budge when we stepped on it and tried our best to slide it around on the tile bathroom floor. According to the brand, the backing is third-party tested to hold up through many wash and dry cycles. We didn't notice any degradation when we laundered it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Beyond its budge-proof talents, this mat is also absorbent and quick-drying — all the things a bath mat should do and do well.

  1. Material Polyester chenille
  2. Sizes Available 17"x24", 20"x30", 24"x36", 24"x42", 26"x44", 24"x48", 24"x54", 17"x60", 24"x60", 24"x70"
  3. Colors Available Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Caribbean, Charcoal, Cloud, Coral, Dusty Rose, Gray, Hunter, Ivory, Latte, Light Gray, Light Pink, Light Purple, Mauve, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, Sage, Sand, Seablue, Sky, Sunset Orange, Turquoise, Violet, White, Yellow
  4. Machine Washable? Yes
West Elm
What We Like
  1. Absorbent
  2. Dries quickly
  3. Unique design
What We Don't Like
  1. Not very soft
  2. Doesn't have nonslip backing

What the West Elm Triangle Sculpted Bath Mat lacks in plushness, it makes up for in its ability to dry quickly post-shower. It's made of woven cotton, and we loved the geometric design that made it more unique compared to many of the mats that all started to look similar. The cotton is thickly woven and feels quite substantial, but it just doesn't have the same soft, silky feel as some of the other cotton mats. It is surprisingly absorbent for its size, and the lack of fluff and frills means it dries quickly. The fact that it fits underneath the door is another win. It doesn't have a nonslip backing, but we felt like it stayed in place when it was a little bit wet, so it wasn't the dealbreaker we thought it might be.

  1. Material Cotton
  2. Sizes Available 17"x25", 20"x34", 24"x64"
  3. Colors Available White, Ivory, Sand, Frost Gray, Charcoal, Ink Blue, Dark Olive
  4. Machine Washable? Yes
Pottery Barn
What We Like
  1. Double-sided
  2. Dries relatively quickly
  3. Thicker than other cotton mats tested
What We Don't Like
  1. Sheared side isn't as absorbent

Cotton bath mats come in all shapes and sizes, and after testing our fair share, we really appreciated how thick and substantial this one from Pottery Barn felt. Even though it doesn't have a nonslip backing, its heft helped it stay in place for the most part when we stepped onto it after a shower. It's also double-sided — one sheared side and one looped side. The former didn't absorb water as readily, but the looped side had no issues getting the job done. In fact, even after dumping three full cups of water on it, not a single drop soaked through the mat onto the floor.

  1. Material Organic cotton
  2. Sizes Available 17"x24", 21"x34", 27"x45", 24"x64"
  3. Colors Available White, Ivory, Oatmeal, Simply Taupe, Gray Mist, Gray, Flagstone, Charcoal, Soft Rose, Procelain Blue, Cloud Blue, Light Blue, Indigo, Navy
  4. Machine Washable? Yes
What We Like
  1. Wide variety of colors and sizes available
  2. Thick and very comfortable
  3. Looks nice
What We Don't Like
  1. Doesn't fit underneath the bathroom door

To our surprise, we found a lot to dislike about memory foam bath mats during our testing process. They gulp up water, which is good, but that means they also take forever to dry. Some of the mats were so structured and sturdy that they couldn't fold or roll enough to fit in the washing machine. This Yimobra mat proved to be our favorite in the category, thanks to its ability to dry a bit quicker, its excellent nonslip backing, and the fact that it both fits in the washing machine and held up great in a wash/dry cycle. We also love how it feels to stand on and think it would be a great option for in front of the sink or other areas of the bathroom where it can provide comfort but won't get sopping wet.

  1. Material Polyester and memory foam
  2. Sizes Available 17"x24", 19.8"x31.5", 24"x36.2", 24"x44", 24"x55.1", 24"x60.2", 24"x70"
  3. Colors Available Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Camel, Cream, Dark Gray, Denim Blue, Eggshell Blue, Emerald, Gray, Lake Blue, Lavender, Mauve, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Pale Green, Peacock Blue, Pink, Silver, Soft Pink
  4. Machine Washable? Yes

What to Consider When Buying a Bath Mat

  • Size: Before buying a bath mat, measure the area outside of your bathtub or shower or in front of your sink or toilet — wherever you plan to use the mat — to figure out what size you need. A standard bath mat is 20x30 inches, but those may not be the best dimensions depending on where you're going to put it. You also may need to consider the height of the mat if the bathroom door needs to open over it.
  • Material: Stepping onto a scratchy or uncomfortable bath mat is an easy way to ruin an otherwise relaxing post-shower vibe. You want your bath mat to feel soft and plush — and, dare we say, spa-like? So, material matters. It also matters because some fabrics dry quicker than others. Most of the bath mats we tested were made of cotton or polyester (microfiber or chenille), with a few memory foam options thrown in the mix, all with varying weaves and densities that affected how soft and luxe they felt under our feet. In general, we found that denser, plusher bath mats were more comfortable but tended to stay wet for longer, whereas thinner and lightweight mats dried out quicker. All materials of the bath mats did a pretty bang-up job of absorbing water; memory foam tended to hold onto moisture the longest since the mats were quite thick.
  • Care and Maintenance: Like any other bath linen, a bath mat needs to be washed and dried regularly so that it continues to look and smell squeaky clean. Being able to put your mat in a washing machine and dryer will make that process way more convenient than if the mat needs to be hand washed or hung dry. It's also important that the mat holds up throughout many washes so that you don't need to replace it regularly and end up spending more than you need to on this bathroom staple. This may seem like a no-brainer, but the mat has to actually fit in your washing machine in the first place — an issue we ran into during our testing process.
  • Nonslip Backing: When it comes to special features of a great bath mat, nonslip backing — usually in the form of a thin plastic or rubber layer — is at the top of our list. This keeps your mat from slipping and sliding on hardwood or tile floors. Some bathroom floors will be slicker than others, so this may be more of a concern for some people and not others. But overall, it's important to consider this feature during your hunt for the perfect bath mat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should you wash your bath mat? While there's no hard-and-fast rule, washing your bath mat every couple of weeks should be sufficient to keep things clean and get rid of any smells or bacteria. It's also a good idea to hang the mat in between uses to help it dry quicker and reduce the chance of something (bacteria, mold, etc.) growing. If you use your bath mat multiple times a day, it's constantly getting soaked and not fully drying out in between uses, and/or multiple people in one household use it, you should throw it in the wash more often.
  • Which bath mat material is best? We found that both cotton and polyester bath mats were great at absorbing water, and dry time depended more on how thick the mat was versus the material it was made of. Memory foam mats were the most comfortable to stand on, but they also stayed wet for longer. Ultimately, the best bath mat material comes down to personal preference on feel, how wet you plan for the mat to get and if you're able to hang it to dry in between uses.

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