Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Create a fun mosaic tile kitchen backsplash with these simple do-it-yourself ideas.

Mosaic Tile Backsplashes

Mosaic Tile Backsplashes

A tight shot of a mosaic tile backsplash image of a flower in the kitchen.

Photo by: igor terekhov

igor terekhov

By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Tiles are an inexpensive but beautiful way to create a backsplash. Mosaic tile backsplashes can be created by using a range of tiles in various materials, colors and sizes. You can also use broken pieces of glass and marble tiles and arrange a fun, budget-friendly mosaic pattern.

Tile Design Ideas

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Apple-Green Fresh

It would be hard to keep from smiling in this cheery kitchen, and the crisp green color is only one of the reasons. There's also the fact that cleanup is always easy when so many surfaces are covered with ceramic tile. Regular use of a sealant keeps the grout stain-resistant, too.

Mediterranean Flair

The warm colors in this kitchen reflect the sunshine of the Mediterranean, the hills rising above the sea and its famous resort beaches. All you need is wine and cheese. Photo courtesy of Ceramic Tiles of Italy

Earth-Tone Sophistication

This breakfast bar will keep its good looks for years to come, thanks to the tiled front and top. The shades of brown give the kitchen a sense of both earthiness and sophistication, while the easy-to-clean tile helps protect the front of the bar from muddy feet swinging from the stools. Photo courtesy of Ceramic Tiles of Italy

European Country Cheer

This kitchen has both a retro feel and country warmth. The clean, clear colors keep the space bright, while the cherry-design accent tiles echo patterns found on vintage tablecloths. Photo courtesy of Ceramic Tiles of Italy

Photo By: Gamma Fotografia

Bold, Blue and Textural

The hexagonal glass tiles on this countertop provide a jolt of color as well as rich texture. Such a bright color might be overwhelming if it's used in an entire kitchen, but it makes a terrific accent on a single surface.

Muted Colors With Lots of Flair

Usually found in bright colors or stark black and white, this harlequin pattern in gray and yellow still makes quite a statement while retaining classic elegance. The tile-setter used gray grout to further soften the look of both the backsplash and the solid gray countertop.

Drama in Black and White

Although black and white are the only two colors used in this mosaic backsplash, no one can call it boring or predictable. The small size of the tiles permits detailed patterns to suit even the most fanciful design, making this wall both practical and dramatic. Photo courtesy of Ceramic Tiles of Italy

Multi-Toned and Crisp

Even though the colors of these tiles are closely related, they provide a strong pattern that visually widens the walls in this bathroom and echoes the colors of the outdoors. The use of small mosaic tile instead of larger ones adds texture to the walls, keeping the colors from overwhelming the space. Photo courtesy of Ceramic Tiles of Italy

Calming, Spa-Like Bath

The solid soft-blue tiles on these walls create a serene mood, while the yellow in the accent tile provides a punch of sunshine to the otherwise cool-toned bathroom. The use of square tile throughout the space sets off the spare design of the vanity and sink, and the neutral tone of the floor provides a foundation for the colorful walls. Photo courtesy of Ceramic Tiles of Italy

You can create a mosaic pattern using ceramic, glass, marble and/or metal tiles. Depending on the material(s) you choose, there may be a range of colors and shapes available. Select a color theme that matches the overall theme of your kitchen and find tiles that will work well in that space. For example, if you are seeking a classic, simple kitchen area, then you may want to choose beige, cream, white and other neutral tones to create a backsplash. A contemporary kitchen may call for black and white tiles paired with a bold color, like orange or red.

On the other hand, if you choose to use repurposed pieces of broken tiles, then all you will need a silicon caulk to arrange the backsplash into a mosaic pattern. Make sure to grout and seal the final product as you would with regular tiles.

The best part of a mosaic tile backsplash is that it allows room for the creative homeowner to add a unique, artistic flair to a kitchen area.

Dreamy Kitchen Backsplashes

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