15 BBQ Essentials That Will Take Your Cookout to the Next Level

Backyard season is in full swing and that means it's time to fire up the grill again. No matter what size outdoor space you're working with, you can transform any area into the ultimate barbecue pit. Want to impress some guests at your next cookout? We've got you covered.

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Hot Dog Spiral Cutter

A hot dog is the ultimate summer food choice, but did you know it can be even better than it already is? This fun spiral cutter will slice up your hot dog and allow for a thorough grilling. All of your favorite toppings will fit perfectly to ensure each bite is just flavorful as the last.

$9.95; surlatable.com

Lobster BBQ Mitt

When you’re in control of the grill one thing’s for sure, you’re going to need to protect your hands from any accidental burns. Switch out your standard oven mitt and use one that screams summer, like this lobster claw mitt.

$18; sunnylife.com

S'mores Basket

After all of the savory foods are devoured, it’s time to get to the sweets. No summer party is complete without whipping up some s’mores by the fire. While we love the tradition of melting our marshmallows on a skewer, this clever basket yields the perfectly melted treat. Assemble your whole s’more and toast it up to get equal parts warm graham cracker, melty chocolate and gooey marshmallow. Yes, please!

$6.95; crateandbarrel.com

Melon Slicer

Everyone loves a refreshing slice of watermelon at an outdoor shindig, but cutting it up isn’t the easiest task for a busy host. If you haven’t already tried one of these slicers, now is the perfect time to get on board. Easily create equal slices in one movement instead of putting all that elbow grease into cutting up hard melons the old fashioned way.

$14.99; walmart.com

Metal Wine Holder

With so many great food options, you need to make sure the drinks are flowing, too. While the beer is chilling in the cooler, set out a few bottles of wine in this totable wine holder. Not only does it make transporting bottles a breeze, it also makes an ideal centerpiece for any tablescape when paired with some fresh flowers.

$32.73; hayneedle.com

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

Barbecues are all about flavor, so abundant seasonings and sauces are a must. Before you dive into marinade recipes and complicated condiments, start with the best basic — garlic. While the taste is powerful on its own, take it up a notch by roasting it to perfection first. This cast iron tool will help you turn any clove of garlic into a serious flavor upgrade in an instant.

$16.95; crateandbarrel.com

Grilling Shells

If you’re a lover of seafood, this is just the thing for you. Throw your shellfish of choice right onto a shell and place it on the grill for a nautical inspired barbecue. Even if you stick to grilling your shrimp as you always have, you can still add these to the party by simply using them to serve small dishes.

$6.95; surlatable.com

Pepper Roaster

Like most dinner parties, the snacks and sides are just as important as the main course. Keep all of your hungry guests happy by making sure they’re well fed. Stuffed jalapeno peppers are always a fan favorite, and thanks to this roasting rack, you’ll be able to make 18 peppers at the same time. Hooray for bulk appetizers that wow!

$19.95; williams-sonoma.com

BBQ Pizza Stone

There are a ton of reasons why grilling is a summer favorite, chief among them is the variety of food you can easily prepare. While you may automatically think of burgers and steaks, don’t forget about other classics like pizza. These special barbecue stones let you make a smoky pizza without burning the crust.

$34.99; target.com

Popsicle Molds

No one can turn down a refreshing popsicle on a warm summer day, and now you can create your own sweet and fruity concoctions by simply pouring in your favorite flavors and letting them freeze. These will cool you down and look adorable in any snapshots that people take to remember the day.

$15; nordstrom.com

Bucket Grill

No matter what size outdoor space you’re working with, you can absolutely pull off a complete summer BBQ. This bucket grill is compact enough that it can squeeze in even the tightest spaces to help you quickly cook up some burgers or grilled veggies. Even if you’re a city dweller without outdoor space, you can tote it with you to the nearest park and fire it up.

$14.97; crateandbarrel.com

Drink Dispenser

Constantly refilling pitchers of mixed drinks or keeping the cooler stocked can become a chore. Opt for summery drink dispensers to make sure the drinks are always ready and chilled to perfection. Fill these up with ice and your beverage of choice and set on a table with some party cups and you’re all ready to go.

$14; urbanoutfitters.com

Roasting Skewers

While modern tools and fun hacks are always good to have, you can’t forget about the classics. If you’re set on roasting the old fashioned way, look no further than these skewers that every barbecue needs. The marshmallow-inspired grips turn these standard skewers into something that everyone will want to get their hands on. Grab one and get roasting.

$20; amazon.com

Tomato Squeezers

We know that condiments and dipping sauces are a must for BBQ foods, and these adorable squeezers will help you present them in the cutest of ways. Transfer ketchup and mustard from generic bottles into these and keep them on the table for easy access.

$14; sunnylife.com

Himalayan Grilling Salt Stone

Your guests will do a double take when they see you grilling your ingredients on this salt stone. This grill accessory will bring the flavor and make your presentation of foods look even more inviting. Update your grilling techniques with this tool and you’ll never go back to your old ways of cooking.

$28.99; target.com

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