14 Great Gardening Seats

These seats, stools and kneelers could help ease some of the strain when planting, weeding and trimming in the garden.

Photo By: Plow & Hearth

Photo By: Gardener's Supply Co.

Photo By: Plow & Hearth

Photo By: Gardener's Supply Co.

Photo By: Gardener's Supply Co.

Photo By: Northern Tool & Equipment

Photo By: The Home Depot

Photo By: UncommonGoods

Photo By: UncommonGoods

Photo By: Step2

Photo By: Step2

Photo By: Gardener's Supply Co.

Photo By: Bob Skalkowski/The Ames Cos.

Photo By: Northern Tool & Equipment

Rock and Roll

The Garden Rocker, sold by Plow & Hearth, features an adjustable seat that can rock from side to side as you reach to plant, weed or trim in the garden. The seat can be wheeled around the yard.

Farm Style

This tractor-style garden scooter is a customer favorite from Gardener's Supply Co. The company has made some adjustments to the Deluxe Tractor Scoot by adding a longer handle to pull it like a wagon and lowering the swiveling, adjustable seat to help users better reach plants when seated. It comes in red, green or blue.

Sweet Scooter

Scoot on over to gardening beds and other areas with this ready-to-work yard vehicle. The Scoot-N-Do Caddy, sold by Plow & Hearth, has a swiveling tractor seat and a steering knob to help you turn and reach plants. The metal mesh tray below the seat and a separate basket hold tools and other items. The gardening seat is made of steel and the height can be adjusted. 

Expanded Kneeler

This padded kneeler is extra wide, which Gardener's Supply Co. says is in response to customers' desires for a larger set. The company says it's 30 percent deeper than a standard kneeler to provide more support and comfort. It comes in green or purple.

Dual Purpose

If you're tired of bending over when gardening or want to give your knees a rest, the Deep-Seat Garden Kneeler can flip over to become a padded bench. It's available in green or purple from Gardener's Supply Co. The kneeler can fold flat for carrying (it weighs 9 pounds) or storing. The tool pouch, which can be attached, is sold separately.

Ready for Duty

A padded seat is just one of the extra features in the Strongway Deluxe Rolling Garden Seat. The seat also swivels and can be adjusted, and you can steer when seated by using the turnbar (one of two that come with the seat). You can store items in the wire basket, tray and fabric pouches around the seat. It's sold by Northern Tool & Equipment.

Rock Star Seat

You can take some of the strain off your back when gardening using tools such as this ergonomically designed rocker seat. The Garden Rocker Vertex Seat, sold by The Home Depot, has a curved back and contoured seat, and the height can be adjusted.

Seat Set

This lightweight folding garden stool, made of steel and nylon, also comes with a tool bag that can fit underneath the seat. Hook-and-loop fasteners can attach and detach the bag, which has 21 pockets for tools, from the stool frame. The Gardener's Tool Seat is sold by UncommonGoods.

Tool Stool

The Gardener's Tool Seat is a complete package of portable seating and tool storage. The stool, made of steel and nylon, can be used with the tool bag underneath, or the tool bag can be separated from it via hook-and-loop fasteners. It comes in hunter green and kelly green, sold by UncommonGoods.

Wheel It Around

It may seem like a kid's car, but the Step2 Garden Hopper is a wheeled work seat with storage. You can access tools and supplies and sit while trimming and weeding. It comes with a beverage holder, too.

Sit or Kneel?

The Step2 Garden Kneeler is flexible, depending on your gardening tasks and needs. You can sit on the work seat (in the setup shown here) or flip it over with the handles and kneel on the cushioned insert.

Teak Seat

This teak stool can serve as a stylish and multi-functional gardening seat. You can use it when gardening, and then offer it as extra seating for guests. The teak will naturally weather to silver gray outside. It's sold by Gardener's Supply Co.

Ample Storage

You can store and transport tools and supplies and use the lid of the Lawn Buddy as a seat when gardening. The wheeled planters cart is made and sold by Ames. Open up the lid to reach the storage area.

Swivel Seat

The Ironton Rolling Garden Seat has a farm-style look with its tractor-style seat and red hue. You can avoid stopping or squatting when gardening by using a seat, and this one is adjustable and swivels. Use the turnbar to steer the front wheel and maneuver around the yard with this seat, which is sold by Northern Tool & Equipment.

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