17 Garden Hose Storage Solutions

Tired of having a tangled mess of a garden hose? Check out these storage solutions to keep your hose neat and tidy.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ballard Designs

Photo By: Image courtesy of Lowe's

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ballard Designs

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ballard Designs

Photo By: Image courtesy of Lowe's

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ballard Designs

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Plow & Hearth

Photo By: Image courtesy of Plow & Hearth

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Garden's Supply Company

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Photo By: Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Aged Copper Hose Pot

Dress up your garden hose storage with this decorative copper hose pot to keep the hose handy but out of sight. Made of iron with rustproof, aged copper finish, the pot features heavy-duty bail handles for easy carrying and holes at the base for easy drainage. 

Hideaway Hose

What could pass as an outdoor end table is actually a garden hose storage solution! This new furniture-inspired design features Ames NeverLeak aluminum water system, which resists cross threading. It also stands up to cold temperatures and is 8X stronger than typical plastic water systems. With a sturdy design and handsome appearance, this garden helpmate is both functional and good-looking.

Decorative Hose Holder

This wall mount from Ballard Designs keeps your hose near the spigot and easy to reach. Crafted of cast aluminum, it features a scroll decoration and a weather and rust-resistant coating. It holds up to 100' of standard size garden hose. 

Ceramic Concealer

Hide an ugly garden hose in this colorful, handcrafted ceramic clay pot. A hole in the base allows the hose to stay attached to the faucet when coiled and stored. The pot also features drainage holes.

Suncast Plastic Hideaway Hose Reel

Made of sturdy resin construction, this hideaway hose reel features a Smart Trak hose guide that winds hose neatly on reel. It also comes fully assembled and does a great job of keeping your garden tools underwraps in one weather-resistant package.

All in One

This compact, all-in-one watering system from Gardener's Supply Company is a convenient way to water containers and gardens. It includes an easy-to-wind hose reel and 50’ Featherweight Slim Hose, plus an ergonomic 7-pattern Easy-Squeeze Spray Nozzle that allows to you to control the water flow – from gentle shower to strong jet. Switch out the nozzle for a sprinkler to water larger gardens and lawns. Note: the hose that comes with this carrier cannot be detached for separate use, so keep in mind all of your hose needs.

Double Duty

Double-duty reel keeps your garden hose neat and kink free. Hang it on its wall bracket for easy hose storage, then lift it out to use as a portable, free-standing reel.  Holds up to 150’ of ½” hose or 50’ of 5/8” hose. Includes leak-free, quick-connect fittings for attaching your hoses.

Metal Hose Holder

Elegant and eye-catching, this hose holder is crafted of cast aluminum in a lacy foliate decoration. It holds up to 100' of standard size garden hose. Its powder coating resists rust and weather. 

Featherweight Hose & Reel

A convenient way to water patio plants and garden beds, this storage solution includes an easy-to-wind reel and a 50’ or 100' hose. The reel stores the hose safely out of the way and under cover, prolonging the life of the hose and preventing kinking. The set is lightweight – just 9 pounds – so it’s easy to tote where you need it    

Flower Function

This colorful garden hose storage solution doubles as wall decor. Handmade in Bali, the Daisy Hose Holder mounts to the wall and holds up to 150' standard garden hose.

Standing Storage

Easy to transport around a garden, this wrought iron stand adds visual interest to any yard. It holds up to 100' of hose.

Fairfield Garden Hose Storage

Keep a garden hose out of sight with this attrative hose storage bin. With clean lines and raised panel detailing, it resembles wood, yet it’s virtually maintenance free because its made from high-quality polyethylene – no need for annual painting or staining. Feed the end of the hose through the 2” opening at the base and attach to the spigot. Holds up to 100 feet of standard garden hose and comes in white or black. 

Hose Reel

This hose storage solution requires no bending or crank-turning to access the hose - simply pump the foot pedal and the hose automatically winds on the reel. The Auto-Trak system winds the hose back evenly every time.  Wheels let you transport your hose with ease and the handle folds for storage. This reel comes with 100 ft. of 5/8” hose.

The Hose Butler

This hose holder keeps hoses neatly coiled (and out of the way of the lawnmower!)  It holds up to 200 feet of hose. Hand forged from solid ½” steel stock with an elegant leaf motif, the Hose Butler has a rust resistant power coating and a two-point steep foot to keep it standing straight.  

Durable Hose Bin

This durable bin is a simple solution to keeping a garden hose out of sight. The bin holds up to 225 feet of a 5/8 inch hose. It also automatically distributes the hose evenly to make winding easier. Aluminum water flow connections resist breakage, corrosion and cross-threading.

Copper Bowl Solution

A classy copper bowl makes for a sophisticated garden hose storage solution. This Viper Hose Pot from The Home Depot holds a 100 feet of a 5/8 inch hose. 

Wicker Hose Storage

Conceal your hose with this wicker hideaway solution from The Home Depot. It holds 150' of hose and comes in a dark brown color.

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