Monstrous Mums: Craft a Lucky Black Cat

Add a little personality to your planters with our tips for magicking a fall mum into a lucky black cat, just in time for Halloween.

Halloween Planters

Photo by: Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Materials Needed

  • purple mum (preferably with a rounded shape
  • black acrylic craft paint
  • chip or foam brush
  • 2 sheets black self-adhesive craft foam
  • 1 sheet green self-adhesive craft foam
  • 1 sheet pink self-adhesive craft foam
  • 2 gold pipe cleaners
  • (2) 36" wood dowels
  • wire hanger
  • wire snips
  • bypass pruner

Paint Pot

Paint mum’s pot with 1-2 coats of black paint, depending on desired coverage, and allow to dry.

Halloween Planters

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Create Cat’s Face

For the eyes, fold a piece of green craft foam in half, sketch an almond-shaped cat’s eye onto the foam’s backing, then cut out. Tip: Folding the foam in half before cutting creates 2 eyes whose shape mirrors each other. Sketch a heart-shaped cat’s nose onto the pink foam’s backing; cut out.

Halloween Planters

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Create Cat’s Ears

The ears will be seemingly attached to the top of the mum. To create this look, paint the two dowels black (Image 1) and allow to dry. Optional: To make the dowels easier to insert into the mum's soil, sharpen ends (Image 2). For the outer ear, fold over black craft foam, sketch a triangular ear shape and cut out (Image 3). For the ears' centers, fold over pink craft foam and cut out smaller triangles, then remove the paper backing and press the pink foam onto the black.

Create Cat’s Tail

To create a double-sided tail, first sketch a long curving shape onto one piece of black foam and cut out (Image 1), then use this cut-out as a template to create the opposite side. Snip the ends off a wire hanger (Image 2); cut a section that’s long enough to fit the tail cut-out with a few extra inches that will be used to secure the tail under the planter. Bend the wire into shape so it can be sandwiched between the 2 tail cut-outs (Image 3). From one side of the tail, removing a bit of the paper backing at a time, press the 2 tail sides together, making sure that the wire end sticks out of what will be the bottom of the cat’s double-sided tail. If necessary, trim the sides of the tail to clean up any overlap.

Add Cat’s Face

Remove the paper backing from the pair of green eyes and attach near the top of the planter (Image 1). Fold pipe cleaners in half; remove the backing from the pink nose and attach both below the eyes, using the nose's adhesive to hold the whiskers in place (Image 2).

Add Ears and Tail

Securely insert dowels into planter. Hold ears in position and, using pruner, trim off excess (Image 1). Remove paper backing from black foam and attach ears to dowels (Image 2). For maximum longevity, display your completed kitty in either an indoor or sheltered outdoor location (Image 3).

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