13 Eye-Catching Chrysanthemum Color Combos

Celebrate the variety of mum colors with these creative mixes.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Kim Visokey

Photo By: Image courtesy of Kim Visokey

Photo By: Image courtesy of the Chicago Botanic Garden

'Euro Pink' and 'Globe Green'

'Euro Pink' and 'Globe Green' are combined to resemble the Earth. 

'Misty Golden' and 'Antigua'

Nothing says fall like the rich combination of golden yellow and rich burgundy.

'Exopolis' and 'Optimist'

'Exopolis' and 'Optimist' chrysanthemums are combined to resemble the planet Saturn. 

'Misty Lemon' and 'Dutchy'

We love the subtle cream and sepia color scheme of this mum combo.

'Misty Cream' (Top), 'Green Mist' (Middle), 'Misty Golden' (Left and Right)

Don't stop at two: combine your mums into any number of pleasing harmonies.

'Misty Golden' and 'Stallion'

Fat yellow mums and delicate white mums create a combination as interesting for its differing dimensions as it is for its colors.

'Misty Cream' and 'Stallion Yellow'

Anxious for a more subtle look? Smaller yellow mums and large white ones create a pretty, subdued effect.

Master the Mixology of Mums

The Japanese celebrate the chrysanthemum season with the "Festival of Happiness." Here a joyful mix of 'Orange Viking' and 'Yellow Sizzle' spice things up as an ordinary houseplant becomes a smashing centerpiece.

Yellow and Red Mums

Cool and warm colors come together in this effective mum combo.

Mini Mums: Eye Candy and a Sweet Alternative to the Ordinary

The ancient Chinese found the first culinary uses for chrysanthemums. The tradition continues today with everything from stems and leaves, to petals and roots, being used for steeping sweet tea or flavoring dishes. While these little darlings, 'Santini' and 'Micro Button' look good enough to eat, they are purely eye candy.

'Lollipop Yellow' and 'Euro Sunny'

'Lollipop Yellow' and 'Euro Sunny' are combined to resemble the Sun in this beautiful arrangement. 

Mum Madness at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Rivers of chrysanthemums take center stage at the Chicago Botanic Garden's Crescent where each season guests are greeted with annual installations of bright-blooming plants.

'Green Mist'

We love the exquisite punctuation of a few yellow mums peeking out from a sea of soft green flowers here.

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