How to DIY a Hanging Bat Planter for Halloween

Get creepy-crafty to give your houseplants a haunted home for Halloween.

Step 12: HERO Add a vining plant, soil and some pebbles for drainage to the bat bottles and hang!

Step 12: HERO Add a vining plant, soil and some pebbles for drainage to the bat bottles and hang!

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio

Break out the black paint because it’s time to get crafting. Okay, okay — you may need a little more than black paint to craft this creepy-cute bat planter, but it’s as fun to make as it is to look at. Once finished, hang it up on your porch to greet unsuspecting trick-or-treaters or place it inside to usher in all sorts of toil and trouble.

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3 Eerie Planters
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Materials Needed

  • 2-liter bottle
  • black craft paint
  • pink craft paint
  • white craft paint
  • foam paintbrush
  • round foam stippler brush
  • white paint pen
  • green paint pen
  • black paint pen
  • scissors
  • single hole punch
  • black cording
  • stick-back black felt

Paint Bottle

Start by painting an empty, clean 2-liter bottle with black paint and let dry (Image 1). If necessary, paint multiple coats until you achieve a solid black color (Image 2).

Draw and Cut Bat Outline

Once the bottle is fully coated and dry, use a white paint pen to draw a simple bat outline (think rounded head and pointy ears) near the top before the bottle starts to taper, then cut off the top portion using scissors and discard (Images 1-3).

Draw Bat Face

Use a round foam stippler to stamp two white eye circles and two pink cheeks below the bat’s ears (Image 1). Once dry, add details with paint pens. We chose green for eyelids and black for the pupils and eyelashes (Images 2-4). Don’t forget to add a cute little white glint in the eyes. Last but not least, use a white paint pen to finish off this frightening face with a smile and a couple of vicious vampire teeth (Image 5).

Draw and Cut Bat Wings

To help this bat take flight, it will need some wings. Create them by drawing bat wings onto adhesive black felt and cutting the shapes out with scissors (Images 1 & 2). Repeat four times so that you have two left wings and two rights.

Attach Bat Wings

Connect the coordinating bat wings using the sticky backing. To aid in attaching each wing to the planter, leave about a 3/4-inch section of the paper backing on when sticking the wings to each other (Image 1). Then, remove the paper backing and stick the loose portions of the wings to the sides of the planter (Image 2).

Finishing Touches

If you plan to place the planter on a shelf or table, then all that’s left to do is fill it with your plant of choice. If you’d rather hang it up, use a single hole punch to punch a hole beside each ear and one at the back (Image 1). Insert black cording through each hole and tie them off in a single knot at the top (Image 2). Add your favorite plant and some rocks for drainage, then hang (Image 3).

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