3 Ways to Put Outdoor Planters to Good Use This Halloween

It’s time you planted a whole lot more than mums on your porch this year. Try one of these creative planter ideas instead.

October 07, 2019

Easy Porch Ideas for Halloween 02:08

Add some Halloween to your front door with one of these decorating ideas.
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If you’re feeling stuck on your hunt for attractive, fun Halloween decor, look no further than these DIY creations made for your front-porch planters. With three clever ideas to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your style.

Wayward Witch

Two Stiff Witches Legs Sticking Out of a Planter

Witch in a Planter Halloween Decor On a Porch

This DIY Halloween decor is meant to look like a witches legs sticking out of a planter. The legs are made out of pool noodles with stockings and boots. Dowels are used for structure.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Begin by cutting a standard size pool noodle in half using scissors. Next, stick two 5/8-inch dowel rods through the center holes of the pool noodles. Cover the pool noodles with either a long pair of socks or the leg portion of a pair of striped stockings, then slide on a pair of thrifted black boots. To get the legs to stand upright, slide the dowels into pieces of floral foam and place the foam into the planter. Fill to the top with soil and finish the look off by adding your favorite fall foliage.

Proper Pumpkin Stack

Two Planters Filled With Stacked Pumpkins Flanking a Door

Stacked Pumpkin Fall Decor Sits on a Front Porch

These planters are filled with trailing plants and stacked foam pumpkins. The pumpkins are resting on a dowel rod that is buried in the soil.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Slide a 5/8-inch dowel rod through the drainage hole of an upside-down terra-cotta pot. Place the terra-cotta pot in the bottom of a large planter and fill the planter to the top with soil. Plant trailing plants around the edge of the planter. Use a drill with a 5/8-inch paddle bit to drill out the core of three foam pumpkins. Slide the pumpkins over the dowel and place a fourth, smaller pumpkin on the top that is drilled only partially into the bottom. And just like that, you’ve created the perfect pumpkin topiary for your porch.

Ghostly Guards

Two Planters With White Ghosts Flanking a Doorway

Ghost Halloween Decorations in Planters On a Porch

These tall, white ghost figures are actually tomato cages stuck inside of outdoor planters. A foam ball is used as a head to drape a white sheet and cheesecloth over.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Start by turning a tomato cage upside down and zip-tying the stakes together. Use scissors to cut the excess zip tie off. Press a large foam ball into the group of top spikes until secure, then run twinkle lights below the ball and down the remainder of the tomato cage. Cover the structure with a white sheet and stick two eyes to the top of the sheet using peel-and-stick felt. Give your ghost a more authentic, haunted look by covering the sheet with several layers of cheesecloth before sliding the entire structure into a large planter. Don’t forget to plug your ghoulish friend in at night so the neighborhood can share in the spooky fun.

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