Spooky Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Add frightful fun to your front porch on All Hallow's Eve with our 10 easy-to-craft outdoor decorating ideas.

Spider's Nest Luminaries

Easily turn Mason jars into creepy glowing spider's nests. Just wrap large and small jars with white medical gauze or cheesecloth, securing the fabric's ends with hot glue or pins. Next, glue a few plastic spiders to the gauze to create the look of a spider's nest then fill each jar with a pillar candle or flameless luminary.

Aromatic Candy Corn Candles

Expecting trick-or-treaters or Halloween guests? Add a sweet aroma to your front porch with candy corn-filled hurricanes. To create them, place pillar candles inside clear glass hurricanes of different sizes then fill each hurricane, roughly halfway, with candy corn.

Billowing Creepy Drapes

Turn your front porch into a ghoulish entry with tattered cheesecloth draperies. For an aged look, soak cheesecloth in a bucket of tea overnight. Once dry, staple 8-foot-long sections of fabric to thin strips of wood with a staple gun. Tack each strip to porch overhangs then create a tattered effect by cutting random holes with scissors then pulling the fabric to create runs.

Fake the Look of Broken Glass

Create the look of a shattered window with a clever use of frosted contact paper. Just attach contact paper directly to the window then use a craft knife or razor blade to cut away jagged areas until the window or door looks like it's been shattered.

Haunted Hoot

Dress up your banister with DIY owls. Trace owl silhouettes onto pressure-treated plywood, then cut them out with a jigsaw. Sand the surface, then paint each owl, front and back, with flat black paint. Add eyes with two-inch washers fastened with picture nails and staple on leaf-shaped pieces of vinyl fabric to create feathered wings. Attach basic plumbing straps to each owl's back then tighten the straps around the bannister to keep your owls on All Hallow's Eve neighborhood watch.

7 Heads Are Better Than One

For a truly creepy decoration, spray-paint several plastic skulls (which can be found in the Halloween section of most craft stores) any color you like. Attach rope or twine to the back of each skull with double-sided tape then group them together and hang from a screw eye or plant hook attached to the porch ceiling or overhang.

Spider Web Wreath

Crafting this wreath really couldn't be simpler. Just grab an old picture frame from a flea market or garage sale, then update it with a bold spray-paint color. Next, remove the glass and artwork. Use string or yarn to create the spiraling effect of a spider web. Use double-sided tape to attach the string to the back side of the frame, then hang the frame with a nail.

Body-Part Art

Add a morbid wow factor to your porch with plaster gauze-cast body parts. To make these, invite a patient friend over then coat any body part you'll be casting in a thick layer of petroleum jelly to protect both the model's hair and their skin from the heat that plaster creates when it dries. Wrap arms, legs (or even faces or heads) with plaster gauze dipped in warm water. After roughly 30 minutes, the gauze will dry, conforming to the body parts. Carefully cut the mold in half to remove it then stitch the seam together with black yarn, adding holes in the gauze with a utility knife. Add chain or yarn to the top of each piece, and hang from the ceiling with hooks.

Mummified Mannequins

Give mannequin heads a mummy-tastic update with gauze then display them in a creative (and creepy!) way like we did here by placing them in an old terrarium surrounded by plastic spiders and snakes. Pick up model heads from a fashion or jewelry supply store then wrap the heads with white gauze, leaving just the eyes exposed.

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