15 Adorable Small Dog Halloween Costumes From Amazon

Just because your furbaby is itty bitty, they shouldn't be left out of all the Halloween fun! We tracked down seriously adorable costumes on Amazon that'll be perfect for your small pupper.

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October 07, 2019

Spider Costume

What's better than four legs? Twelve legs. Transform your cute little pup into an itsy bitsy spider for a spooky Halloween.

Buy It: Amazon, $12.99

Wizard Costume

Is your dog the smartest pup around with a few tricks up his or her sleeve? Dress them up as a wizard, complete with adorable round, black-rimmed glasses.

Buy It: Amazon, $20.99

Cowboy Rider Costume

Giddy up! This costume is perfect for the pup who loves to run and hates wearing costumes. The costume feels just like a normal harness, and the cowboy moves as your dog moves for a humorous costume that'll be one to remember.

Buy It: Amazon, $14.99

Hula Girl Costume

We aren't sure what's cuter — the grass skirt or coconut bikini top. Either way, your dog will get the party started with this festive costume.

Buy It: Amazon, $18.75

Cupcake Costume

Your sweet pup deserves a costume that's just as sweet as them. Our favorite part is the cherry on top.

Buy It: Amazon, $14.44

Little Unicorn Costume

We think every little pup is a unicorn, so embrace the magic this Halloween with this cute knit unicorn headband or "snood." Bonus: It keeps your sweetie's ears warm in the cold weather. It fits most dogs that weigh between 5 and 15 pounds.

Buy It: Amazon, $17.99

UPS Delivery Man (or Woman!) Costume

Special delivery: Your house, Oct 31. We're completely smitten with this UPS driver's costume for your little puppy. With a UPS visor and faux package, your little baby will be the envy of all your Amazon Prime-addicted pup pals.

Buy It: Amazon, $12.50

Sushi Costume

Spicy tuna roll, anyone? If you're sushi obsessed, you'll go gaga for this fun doggie costume. Your mini pooch will have a yummy piece of salmon on their back along with a fab sushi chef headband when they rock this one door-to-door.

Buy It: Amazon, $15.99

Beetlejuice Costume

Maybe you have a one-of-a-kind doggo who likes to march to the beat of their own drum? If so, this Beetlejuice costume is going to be your jam for sure. With a striped "jumpsuit" and a crazy wig, get ready for your dog to turn heads during all your Halloween celebrations.

Buy It: Amazon, $14.99

Puppy Latte Costume

No need for a caramel latte, when you've got a puppy latte instead. This costume comes with an iced coffee "jacket" and an adjustable whipped cream hat. There's even a little purple puppy straw on the headpiece that we think really pushes the bounds of adorable-ness to their outer limits.

Buy It: Amazon, $10.80

Dino Puppy Costume

Here's a perfect costume for your fave nerdy doggo: a stegosaurus. This full body dinosaur costume is printed with scales and has spinal plates and a spiky foam tail. The headpiece finishes off the look perfectly. Families with dinosaur obsessed kiddos will love this one.

Buy It: Amazon, $29.99

Lion Costume

"I am an adorable pup, hear me ROAAAAAR" is what your pooch is going to be thinking when they wear this fantastic lion's mane. This costume is actually just one headpiece that has a drawstring closure, so you can make it smaller, if needed, for a comfortable fit.

Buy It: Amazon, $10.61

Wonder Woman Costume

If you want your petite pup's costume to scream "girl power" this Halloween, you definitely need this fab Wonder Woman costume. If, for some reason, your pooch doesn't dig wearing the dress, you can still have them rock the Wonder Woman vibes with her signature star headpiece.

Buy It: Amazon, $17.99

Mexican Pup Costume

Ole! If you want your pup to look like he's from south of the border, this little number will be right up your alley. This costume comes with a traditional Mexican serape jacket (with fringes!), as well as the cutest sombrero you've ever seen.

Buy It: Amazon, $13.66

Pirate Costume

"Shiver me timbers!" Your little pupper is going to steal the show in this fantastico pirate Halloween costume. The traditional pirate's outfit, complete with a ruffly shirt, gets paired up with a pirate's hat.

Buy It: Amazon, $10.99