The Best Mops for Cleaning Any Surface

We share the best microfiber mops, steam-cleaning mops and spray mops for hardwood, tile and more.

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August 21, 2020

We wanted to know which mops actually get the job done, so we did a little investigating. From steam to spin mops, here are the most highly-rated mops around.


Instead of a bucket, this mop has a sleek, refillable water tank that delivers on-demand steam within 30 seconds. To see the most dramatic results, you'll want to sweep your floors first and then use this guy to remove grease and grime. We also suggest putting a drop or two of your favorite essential oil in the tank, so you can enjoy a fresh scent while you clean.

Rave Review: "This mop is stunning. It is small and lightweight, but moves like a dream and cleans even better than my previous mop. Took three clicks to assemble, fill with water, 30 seconds later I was cleaning my floors."

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We've found the mop of the future, and it comes with a built-in wringer. As in, you don't have to get your hands dirty while mopping ever again. We're huge fans of the triangle-shaped microfiber mop head, which can clean into corners and maneuver around furniture, but the bucket's design is even better. When you're ready to clean house, all you have to do is step on the foot pedal, wring out your mop and then set to work making your floors sparkle.

Rave Review: "I've purchased other spin mop brands in the past, but this one, from my experience, is by far the easiest, most efficient, and better quality of this category of products."

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If you'd like to customize your cleaning experience, then we'll point you towards the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop. Though it's more expensive than the Shark, the Bissell PowerFresh still comes in under budget and has three different steam settings for you to choose from. It also has a flip-down scrubber brush, so you can finally get to the grout in your bathroom.

Rave Review: "Had I known about this before, I would've gone with light grout. I tried it out in my bathroom first. It restored the grout and floor to like-new condition! It did take some scrubbing during steaming, but it was worth it. It has also cleaned up scuff marks, creosote stains, and continues to brighten grout every time I use it."

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Stubborn stains call for the Homitt Electric Spin Mop, which uses two rotating pads to polish laminate, tile, marble and even bamboo flooring. Thanks to its cordless and lightweight design, the Homitt is unrestricted by distance and can also be carried up and down the stairs as needed.

Rave Review: "I LOVE this power scrubber. I had seen other options, all of which involved attaching parts to my power drill. I preferred to get a single, self-contained scrubber that would do the trick. I read numerous reviews about this and comparable items. Ultimately I settled on this power scrubber. It is a LIFESAVER."

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$33.95 (Includes 2 Refills)

That said, the O-Cedar ProMist MAX is another favorite, budget-friendly option. With its dual-sided head, this mop allows you to dust floors with one side and mop them with the other. The microfiber pad is machine washable, too, so you don't have to purchase a replacement.

Rave Review: "So far, I have nothing bad to say about this mop. I've owned a Swiffer for years, but I got sick of paying for refill mop pads and cleaning solution. I wanted something similar that doesn't require a mop bucket to use, and this fits the bill. I love that you can use your own solution and wash and reuse the mop pad. [It's] worth the money!"

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Those five-star reviews don't lie: This is one of the most reliable mops on the market. Though seemingly simple, the mop features a stainless steel handle that's conveniently adjustable, as well as a thin, microfiber pad that can get under furniture and access other hard-to-reach areas.

Rave Review: "I am not exaggerating when I say that this mop has changed my life. I used to have to get down on the floor and clean every inch by hand because every other mop that I tried left streaks and skipped over dirty spots. Even though I love my floor, I really regretted getting it. It was such a ridiculous amount of work. With this mop, the floor is wiped clean and shiny the first time."

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Think of the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop as an eco-friendly alternative to the Swiffer WetJet. Instead of tossing the cleaning pad after each use, you'll stick the Rubbermaid's microfiber pad into the wash and swap it for one of the three other pads in the kit. This spray mop is also safe to use on all floor types, including hardwood, vinyl, laminate and tile.

Rave Review: "I'm a professional cleaner and purchased this mop along with a dry mop attachment (sold separately) for myself to try it out for my cleaning business. I've worked with a ton of commercial floor-cleaning equipment, and this is the BEST I've ever used."

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Honestly, it's no wonder why so many people love the Swiffer WetJet. It's affordable, lightweight, cordless and sprays cleaning solution at the push of a button. This mop also has an attachable (and replaceable) pad that traps any dirt in its path. But fair warning: while the Swiffer WetJet is safe on all finished wood floors, it shouldn't be used on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards.

Rave Review: "We just moved to a place with laminate flooring, and we purchased this. After using it once, we were surprised how much grime was on the floor (moving boxes, etc. had tracked a lot of dirt in the house) but it picked up a LOT of dirt and dust, and it's easy to use."

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The bucket in this set allows you to wet and dry the mop, which leaves virtually zero mess. (Which is the whole point, right?) The set comes with two reusable, microfiber pads that are machine washable.

Rave Review: "The best feature of the product is the separate compartments for dry and wash. The dry groove scrapes off the dirt and grime and allows water to enter the wash compartment."

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