DIY Colorful Wall-Mounted Stuffed Animal Storage

Keep the clutter off the floor by transforming wall shelves and elastic into colorful and kid-friendly storage for stuffed animals.

December 21, 2021
DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Made From Shelves and Elastic

Storage 200 Stuffed Animal Storage

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Stuffed Animal Storage
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Materials Needed

  • (3) wall shelves
  • spray primer
  • spray paint in various colors
  • 5/8" elastic in various colors
  • scissors
  • fabric glue
  • stapler + staples
  • clothespins

Paint Shelves

Start by spraying the shelves with a white primer (Image 1). Once dry, spray paint the shelves in the desired pattern or color — soft pastels for our project (Image 2).

Add Elastic

Map out on the floor how you plan to hang the shelves on the wall. Two shelves on top and one on the bottom worked best for our project. Next, decide on color patterns and lengths for the elastic and cut, leaving a few extra inches at the bottom to adjust once on the wall (Image 1). Fold over the top of each elastic piece on the top shelves and secure in place with fabric glue and staples (Image 2). Let the glue dry completely.

Hang Shelves

It's best to hang the shelves directly into a stud. If there is no stud available, use wall anchors to ensure support.

Storage 200 Stuffed Animal Storage

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Secure Elastic

Pull the elastic taught from the top shelves at an angle to the bottom shelf. Since there will be tension now, use clothespins to keep the elastic in place as you glue and staple the bottom pieces as you did the top (Images 1 & 2). Once the glue is completely dry, cut off the excess elastic (Image 3).

Add Toys

Now you're ready to add the stuffed animals. The elastic will hold things in place as the toys go up the wall, giving you more storage than just the shelves alone.

Storage 200 Stuffed Animal Storage

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

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