8 Kids' Storage and Organization Ideas

When decorating your child's room, keeping his or her wants, needs and interests in mind will create a kid-friendly space that is both fun and organized.

Photo By: Ashley Ann

See the Room From Their Point of View

Adult-sized furniture doesn't always work well for folks who are smaller in stature. Instead, use furniture specifically created for kids to ensure they can get to all their stuff and will be comfortable and safe too. Image courtesy of Ashley Corbett Campbell

Curtained Closets

Folding closet doors are a pinching hazard and too heavy for tiny hands to handle. Curtains are easier to open and create a fun opportunity to introduce more color or pattern into the space. Image courtesy of Kate Riley

Headboard Storage

Put space at the head of the bed to work by creating a "headboard" out of bookcases. From cubbies to cabinets, this is a great spot to pack in a lot of storage while keeping favorite books and stuffed friends within arm's reach at bedtime. Design by Dan Vickery

Clip It Up

Instead of displaying photos, "A+" homework assignments or your child's latest masterpiece in frames, use clipboards to show off accomplishments. Clipboards keep things looking spiffy and it's a breeze to swap out papers. Image courtesy of Ashley Corbett Campbell

Organize From the Ground Up

The toys and belongings that are used most often are best stored in lower drawers or on lower shelves while breakable keepsakes and seldom-used items can be stored higher up. That way, a favorite teddy bear or book is easily accessible while fragile stuff is neatly displayed up and off the floor. Image courtesy of Ashley Corbett Campbell

Label It

Make organizing child's play for both you and your little one by clearly labeling shoeboxes, shelf edges and storage containers. Use picture labels for younger children who can't read yet and a mix of pictures and words for early readers. Photos or drawings of shoes, shorts, blocks and bears are a fun way to remind your child where things go. Design by Sarah Boyd

It's Curtains for Clutter

If keeping bookcases and shelves organized is just too much of a challenge, simply conceal them with fabric that coordinates with your child's bedding. Tension rods and premade drapery panels will make short work of hiding the mess when company calls. Image courtesy of Ashley Corbett Campbell

See-Through Storage

Keep small items like art and craft supplies organized in clear containers. This will help teach your child to store like items together while creating a tidy, creative space where items are easily identifiable. Image courtesy of Lindsey Cheney

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