30 Kids' Storage and Organization Ideas

When decorating your child's bedroom or playroom, keeping his or her wants, needs and interests in mind will create a kid-friendly space that is both fun and organized.

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April 03, 2020
By: Ryan Reed

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Dreaming of More Storage

Anyone with kids will tell you that bedroom space comes at a premium. When trying to come up with storage solutions for their belongings, consider a bed that features a slide-out drawer. This will allow you to store games, puzzles, out-of-season clothes and anything else that just doesn't have a home.

Create a Mini-Library

Reading is essential to the development of children, and what better way to encourage them to pick up a book than to create a mini-library in their bedroom or playroom? Evenly space three shelves within reach of your little ones and fill them with a variety of different stories to keep them engaged. Bonus points if you create a reading nook into which they can settle.

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Kid-Friendly Closet

It's important to keep a neat and organized closet, but folding doors can pinch little fingers if they get caught unexpectedly. Instead, try removing the dangerous doors and replace them with much safer curtains. They'll conceal the closet just the same, and your kids will love the colorful upgrade.

Divide and Conquer

If you have two or more kids sharing a room, you know how attached they can be to specific toys. Avoid future meltdowns by repurposing a laundry hamper with dividers into a rolling storage unit. This way, everyone knows where to find their favorite treasures.

Make It Personal

With just a few simple steps, you can create your own mobile wooden crate toy storage unit. Kids will love the personalized touch, and toddlers will enjoy pushing the cart around as they learn to stretch their little legs. Oh, and you'll love the additional storage space.

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Stylish Storage Baskets

Baskets are your best friend when trying to come up with storage ideas for your child's bedroom. They're versatile, easy to move and come in different colors and textures that can really pull a room together.

Multi-Use Nightstand

Every piece of furniture in your child's bedroom should serve as many purposes as possible. This open bin nightstand has enough room on top for a lamp but also has a space below for storing stuffed animals, games and other knickknacks.

Slide-Out Dolls

Sure, you can use a plastic bin to store dolls, but there's a better way. Use a slide-out shoe rack to stack dolls and secure them to the rack with their arms. This keeps them organized and easily accessible when it's playtime.

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Cage Wire Storage Baskets

Keep surfaces clean and tidy by using cage wire to create unique wall baskets. You'll love the rustic look, and kids will appreciate the fact that they can find what they're looking for with ease.

Show Off Your Creativity

Kids love to doodle, paint and color, but there's not always a perfect place to display their artwork. After all, the refrigerator will only hold so many masterpieces. Solve that problem by installing two wall-mounted brackets, string baling wire between and use clips to hold the artwork so that everyone can enjoy.

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Not Your Average Coat Rack

Anyone can install an average coat rack and that will get the job done, but what fun is that? Instead, try making this carrot-shaped coat rack using plywood, a few additional materials and some creativity. It's an adorable way to add unique functionality to a room.

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The Ultimate Study Buddy

Organization is key to a successful school year, and a rolling supply cart could be just the thing to make sure your kiddos bring home straight As. Stock the cart with everything they'll need to study including a power strip so they can plug in for those online assignments.

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Custom Labels

Every great organizer knows the secret to success is labels. Whether you use metal bins like these to add a preppy look or another type of container, using labels will help you and your kids find items quickly and make cleaning up simpler. For younger children, try using picture labels to help them learn where things are located.

Use Your Doors

Don’t overlook the backs of your doors as potential storage spaces. Try hanging totes on your child’s door for stuffed animals, blocks and other belongings. Label each bag so both kids and parents know where the toys belong when playtime is over.

Customizable Building Blocks

Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands when it comes to finding the perfect storage solution. These DIY storage blocks can be stacked, and they open up to reveal additional space to fill with books and toys. As your kids grow up, you can paint the blocks to fit their interests and eventually use them as end tables.

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Go Vertical

When it seems like all available space has been used, think vertical. Wall organizers are a great way to store books, art supplies and smaller toys without taking up a lot of floor space. You can buy organizers with colorful shapes or animals already printed on them, or, buy generic ones and have your kiddos come up with a unique design all their own.

Colorful Cubes

Another way to go vertical is to use a cube organizer. The unit itself will take up a decent amount of space, but its versatility will pay off. Each cube can be used to store different items, and kids will love displaying photos and other keepsakes.

Weaving In and Out

Take your cube organizer to the next level by implementing woven baskets throughout. You don't need many to add a designer's touch, and the kids will appreciate their smaller possessions being neatly kept within the baskets for easy access.

Secret Storage

You'll likely need additional seating in your kid's room for their friends to sit on when they visit. Whether it's a bench or window seat, we recommend looking for options that include storage underneath the cushions. The cavernous space should be able to hold a lot of toys and make cleaning up a breeze.

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School-Inspired Storage

Take a cue from your kids’ school and add lockers to their playroom or bedroom. They’re perfect for storing sports equipment, games and books, and the metal frame will allow them to decorate with magnets, photos, notes and doodles. Check out your local flea market to find lockers on the cheap.

Bedside Pocket

Here's a simple solution for kids who like to take a smartphone, computer tablet, book or favorite toy to bed. Hung on the side of the bed, it provides a safe place for small electronics and other items.

Bag It Up

Make it easy for kids to keep toys organized with inexpensive mesh laundry bags. Hung at kid-height for easy access, they're perfect for small items like building blocks and games with multiple pieces. Plus, kids can see inside the bag without opening it!

Personalized Hooks

If you have multiple kids, letter hooks in each child’s initials can help keep backpacks and jackets organized, making it easier to get out the door in the morning.

DIY Bedside Organizer

Every aspect of your kid's room can be transformed into a useful storage solution, even the headboard. Using just a few materials, this DIY bedside organizer is completely customizable and will keep your kid's favorite books well within reach.

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Clever Can Organizers

Art supplies can quickly get out of hand, and you would hate to slow down your pint-sized Picasso when they're working on their latest masterpiece. Keep those creative juices flowing by reusing aluminum cans to hold crayons, colored pencils, chalk and markers. Don't forget to label the cans to make sure this organizational tactic sticks around long-term.

Curtain the Clutter

We get it. Sometimes, there's just no hope for a particular part of your kid's bedroom. When you come across this situation, simply cover the area with a colorful curtain. This will conceal the mess when you expect company and buy you some time to tackle the mess at a later date.

Sort Out Your Closet

Kids grow out of clothes rapidly so it's a good idea to keep several sizes in their closet. If you're not careful though, the closet can become a jumbled mess with all of the sizes mixed together. Avoid that problem by emulating your favorite store and use paper dividers with the size printed clearly on them. This will help you find what fits and identify what needs to be donated.

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Double-Duty Closet

Double the storage capacity in your child's closet by adding another rod for clothing. With all the extra space, you can construct a workstation from MDF (medium density fiberboard) for homework and crafts.

Outfit Planning

A five-compartment hanging closet organizer can make mornings so much easier. On Sunday night, plan the week’s outfits to avoid any AM drama. Include socks and undies so getting dressed, even for little ones, is super simple.

Control Bathroom Chaos

Kids' bathrooms can easily become cluttered with toiletries and bath toys. Using a slip-proof suction cup to adhere to any glass or tile wall, this bath storage bag from 3 Sprouts is made from the same mildew-resistant material used for wet suits and keeps toys and bath products dry and within easy reach.

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