How to Make a Rolling Power Tool Storage System

Easily store long power tools such as weed eaters, pole saws and leaf blowers off the ground and out of the way with this rolling storage system.

December 22, 2021
Gray Storage System With Three Shelves and Power Tools

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Power Tool Storage on Wheels
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Materials Needed

  • (8) 2x2 x 8' wood boards
  • (3) 2x4 x 8' wood boards
  • (2) 1/2” plywood boards
  • (2) 1/4” plywood boards
  • 1-1/4” exterior screws
  • 2-1/2" exterior screws
  • circular saw
  • pocket hole jig system
  • drill
  • (2) clamps + larger trigger clamps
  • speed square
  • wood glue
  • set of 4 locking casters + screws
  • hex bit socket set
  • paint
  • paint roller and tray


Because it would be difficult to reach every area of the shelves once assembled, paint all the wood pieces with high-quality, durable paint prior to assembly.

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Create Base

Cut the 2x4s to create two 53-inch pieces, two 24-inch pieces and three 17-inch pieces. Add pocket holes to the 53-inch pieces and the 17-inch pieces (Image 1). Next, add wood glue to the end of the 53-inch pieces (Image 2), and screw together the 53-inch pieces into the 24-inch pieces to form a rectangle, using a speed square in the corners to ensure the angles are square (Image 3). Add supports by attaching the 17-inch pieces to the inside of the rectangle with pocket hole screws (Image 4). Place one in the center and the other two 10 inches away from the center on each side. Pro Tip: Clamping the pieces to a work table will help keep the wood in place while drilling in the screws.

Add Casters

Attach 3-inch locking casters to each corner of the base with hex bolts (Images 1 & 2). This will give you the flexibility of moving the storage as needed. Remember to lock it in place when not in use.

Add Base Top

Flip the base over so the casters are now on the ground. Add a 1/4-inch-thick piece of plywood cut to 24 inches x 60 inches to the top. Secure in place with several 1-1/4-inch wood screws.

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Create Shelves

Use the same process and measurements from the base to make the shelves but use 2x2 pieces of wood and attach everything with 2-1/2-inch screws — no pocket holes. Add a 1/4-inch-thick piece of plywood cut to 24 inches x 60 inches to the top. Secure in place with several 1-1/4-inch wood screws. Make three of these.

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Attach Shelves

Cut a 1/2-inch-thick piece of plywood to 48 inches x 60 inches. Lay the plywood flat on a table. Add one of the shelves to the edge and clamp in place with a large 36-inch clamp, squaring up the angles with a speed square (Image 1). Add several 1-1/4-inch screws from the underside of the plywood into the top shelf. Remove it from the table and flip it on its side so it looks like an L shape (Image 2). Add the other two shelves every 14 inches (Image 3), holding in place with large clamps when screwing together (Image 4). The base will be the last piece at the bottom (Image 5).


Add a second 1/2-inch-thick piece of plywood cut down to 48 inches x 60 inches to the exposed side of shelves (Image 1), and secure in place with screws. Grab a friend to help you flip the box upright so the casters are on the ground (Image 2). Fill the shelves with long power tools such as weed eaters, pole saws and leaf blowers (Image 3). Since both the front and back are open, these types of tools can easily be stored and removed.

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