10 Amazing Playsets for the Ultimate Backyard Adventure

Summer fun, here we come! Whether your littles prefer a skyscraping toy land or something a bit wackier, it can't be denied that bakcyard playsets are a staple of childhood. Take a peek through a few of our favorites.

Playfully Plain and Simple

There’s nothing like a classic wooden playset to create a laid-back, play-centric atmosphere. Not only does this playset have a rope climbing ladder, but it also houses a sandbox with a built-in shaded canopy. Give your kiddos a playset that will entertain them all year long without breaking the bank. BUY IT: Swing Set Mall, $249

Heavy Machinery Look-Alike

Bulldoze the play zone competition with this heavy machinery look-alike. The unadorned wood will fit seamlessly into any backyard, but this is not a playset that is easily forgotten. Although the price is a bit steep, this hefty set is certain to last for years to come. BUY IT: Pinecraft, $6250

Fired-Up Fun

Here come the sirens! This swing set is blazing with just about every accessory you could imagine. The best part about this play zone is that not only is it a full-blown, swing-packed set, but it's also an imagination station decked out with a ladder, hats, fire extinguisher and bell, not to mention a bright yellow slide. BUY IT: Cabinfield, $2945

A Tiny Home Option

Perfectly petite, this metal swing set is a great option for tiny backyards filled with little ones. Primary colors, a ladder and tandem swing are all this set needs to be a wonderful option for yards of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, yet fun-filled playset, this is the one for you. BUY IT: Wayfair, $177.99


Coming in at a whopping $9,050, this all-wooden structure is just about as sturdy as you can find. Some of the best accessories that this set touts are the hidden monkey bars, a tire swing and a set of binoculars for searching out the next great adventure. Not only does this set showcase a variety of fun-inducing accouterments, but it combines two playhouses, one of which has an adorably kid-sized chimney. While the price may be steep, this is a playset that will definitely be a hit with the little ones. BUY IT: Eastern Jungle Gym, $9050

Castle Fortress Playset

Just like a stony fortress, this playset has the potential to last for years. Created from metal and molded plastic, this weather-resistant swing set will quickly become a backyard staple. With a lookout tower above and a castle cave underneath, the imagination potential is unlimited. BUY IT: Sam's Club, $1399

Activity-Inducing Swing Set

Sometimes the simpler things in life are the best things. This playset by IRONKIDS is the perfect balance between simple and perfectly packed with fun. Get your kids out and active with this exercising-inducing play zone. A swing set that has everything yet won't bash your budget is exactly what your kiddo, and you, need. BUY IT: Target, $189.99 or Walmart, $189.19

A Modern Mansion

With modern lines and all the amenities that can be imagined, this swing set is sure to please kids of all ages. This playset just may be the closest thing to something that would be found in a park, and therefore is certain to turn your backyard into a kiddo's wonderland. BUY IT: Sam's Club, $1999 to $2924

Accessory-Packed Fun Zone

Talk about an all-inclusive playset! Not only does this swing set have a rope ladder, but it has a punching bag, a tic-tac-toe board, a rock climbing wall, and yes, swings. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing backyard play zone, this is a no-brainer. BUY IT: Lowe's, $1099

Sport Zone Playset

The best of both worlds collides in this swing-and-sport zone. A monkey bar and even a tandem swing adorn this set. But the perks don’t stop there. A slide sits on one side — with a ball hoop on the other — making it the perfect backyard play station. The fun makes it a no-brainer for the kids, and the price a no-brainer for you. BUY IT: Jet, $224.99 or Hayneedle, $214.76

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