Halloween Party Game: Gross Guessing Game

In this mystery touch-and-feel game, partygoers have to stick their hands in a jar and guess what’s inside. They may think it’s something gross like eyeballs or warts, but it's actually everyday items from your pantry.

By: Jessyca Williams

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This sensory party game is perfect for older kids, tweens and teens. We used plastic jars for our game, but you could also use gift boxes or something similar as long as a hand can fit inside, and you can’t see what’s in there.

Halloween Gross Guessing Game

Halloween Gross Guessing Game

Create a touch-sensory game for older kids to enjoy. Place different types of foods in individual containers and label them with Halloween-centric names. For example, ogre warts are pumpkin seeds, boiled brains are cauliflower and goblin guts are spaghetti. Have the kids write down their guesses on a sheet of paper and award a prize to the best guesser.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

Tools and Materials:

  • (6) 32 oz. jars
  • Halloween scrapbook paper (two designs)
  • green scrapbook paper
  • orange card stock
  • jar label template
  • pinking shears
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • pumpkin seeds (ogre warts)
  • dried apricots (bat ears)
  • almond slivers (cat claws)
  • cauliflower (boiled brains)
  • cooked spaghetti (goblin guts)
  • grapes (eerie eyeballs)
  • answer form
  • pens

1. Cut Paper to Cover Jars

Measure the jars onto the scrapbook paper. Cut three pieces from each of the two designs to the proper size to cover the entire jar. Cut twelve 1/2" pieces of green scrapbook paper to use as a border on the top and bottom of each jar.

2. Decorate Jars

Add double-sided tape to the green paper and stick to the top and bottom of the Halloween paper. Attach the paper to the jar with tape.

3. Add Labels

Print the jar label template onto orange card stock. Cut out the labels using pinking shears so you get jagged edges around the labels. Add double-sided tape to the back of each label and adhere to the front of each jar.

4. Create Answer Sheet

Print one answer sheet for each guest on orange card stock so they can record their guesses.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

5. Add Gross Items

Gather the food supplies for the jars. Add each food to the jar just before the party. Lift the lids and let the kids feel each food. They then will make a guess as to what they are feeling on the guessing game template.

  • cat claws = almond slivers
  • ogre warts = pumpkin seeds
  • boiled brains = cauliflower
  • eerie eyeballs = grapes
  • goblin guts = cooked spaghetti
  • bat ears = dried apricots

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

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