Halloween Party Game: Eyeball Toss

Create a Halloween version of a classic ball-toss game where partygoers have to throw eyeballs into cups held by creepy skeleton hands.

By: Jessyca Williams

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To make this game, we attached creepy-looking hands to a standard piece of plywood and then glued plastic cups onto the hands. Stick-on numbers indicate how many points each cup is worth, and a string of spider lights adds some bright style.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

Tools and Materials:

  • 1/2” plywood 12” x 38”
  • matte-black paint (spray or brush-on)
  • paintbrush
  • drill with 1” Forstner bit
  • clamps
  • painter’s tape
  • creepy hands
  • box cutter or craft knife

1. Cut and Paint the Board

Cut the board to the desired size. We made ours 12” wide by 38” tall. Paint both sides of the plywood in a spooky matte-black color. Allow it to dry.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

2. Cut Holes for Hands

Clamp the plywood to a worktable. Measure the base of the hand and determine how big the holes need to be to hold the hands; you’ll want it to be a tight fit. Drill five alternating holes using a Forstner bit. (Tip: Lay painter’s tape on the board where you’re going to drill to keep the wood from splintering.) Paint the insides of the holes with black paint.

3. Attach Hands to Board

To help the hands stay in place and stand straight out of the board, you’ll need to add support on the back of the board. To do this, we inserted popsicle sticks through the base of the hands. Use a craft knife or box cutter to make a small slit at the very end of the creepy hand on top and bottom. Place the hand through the hole and insert the popsicle stick through both holes. (Tip: It helps to use the stick to make the hole larger before installing it onto the board.). Secure the popsicle stick to the board with black tape. Repeat for all the hands.

4. Glue Cups to Hands

Level the cups on the hands and secure them with hot glue. If you want to make the game a little easier, slightly tilt the cups forward.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

5. Add Points to the Board

Add self-adhesive numbers beside each hand to designate how many points each cup is worth.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

6. Decorate

Attach spider fairy lights to the board by wrapping the cord around the back and taping it in place.

Photo by: Jessyca Williams

Jessyca Williams

7. Play Ball

Use the eyeball bouncy balls to either toss into the cups or bounce into the cups to make it harder.

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