Spin Control: Make a Spiral Planter

Quick and easy steps for making a striking vortex-planter.
Finishing Up

Finishing Up

Industrial meets rustic in this clever, easy to make planter.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

Industrial meets rustic in this clever, easy to make planter.

Potted plants are a great addition to any patio. From a design perspective they add color and texture. They bring the beauty of nature a little closer and often times create the transition from your home to your backyard.

In order to create some interest in terms of size and shape it is best to choose a variety of planters and heights. If the planters you love don't have enough height here is the perfect solution for you. 

This spiral planter not only gives your plants a lift, but the reed material adds another textural and natural element.

You will need:
    •    Wide pot
    •    Reed fencing (bamboo would work, too)
    •    Gravel or other drainage material
    •    Potting soil (about twice what you would usually need to fill the pot)
    •    Tape measure
    •    Painter's tape
    •    Wire cutters
    •    Utility scissors
    •    Plants

Spiral Planter How-To

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Measure Your Spiral

Use a tape measure to spiral around in the bottom of your empty wide pot. Start at the inside edge of the pot and work your way toward the center. Leave about 4 inches of space between each round of the spiral.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

Determine How Much Fencing to Use

Read the tape measure at the center of the pot to determine how much fencing you will need.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

Make Some Decisions

Roll the fencing up and put it in the empty pot. Decide how tall you want it to be (ours was about 2 feet) and mark with a piece of painter's tape.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

Measure Your Fencing

Unroll and roll again with the marked edge on the inside. Mark the edge with another piece of painter's tape about 3 inches above the rim of the planter.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

Cut Out the Spiral

Unroll the reed fencing and lay flat. Use a piece of painter's tape to make a diagonal line from the lower mark to the upper mark. Use this line as your guide to cut out the spiral with utility scissors.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

Place Your Spiral

Place the reed inside the pot in the desired spiral. Add gravel. Adjust shape as necessary.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

Finishing Up

Add potting soil. Adjust shape as you fill and tamp down soil slightly to create the desired spiral form. Add plants, leaving enough room for future growth. Water fully.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sam Henderson

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