DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Planters

You'll never go back to a boring old terra-cotta pot again after making this cool, glow-in-the-dark planter.

DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Planters

Whether you're trying to light up a porch or patio, or add a fun element to a child's room, these glow-in-the-dark planters are sure to please.

You Will Need

Terra-cotta pots / outdoor paint / glow-in-the-dark paint / paintbrush / plastic wrap / newspaper or a paper bag

Choosing Glow Paint

Phosphor is the ingredient that makes the paint glow, so use a high-quality, phosphorescent paint to create an effect that will last. Be sure to check labels—a fluorescent “glow paint” will glow under a black light, but won’t be charged by light like phosphorescent paint.

Step 1: Paint the Pot

Use a small brush to paint your pot with an indoor/outdoor paint. We found white to be a good backdrop for the glow paint, but you can use any color you desire.

Step 2: Let the Pot Dry

If necessary, paint another coat, letting the pot dry for at least 1-2 hours between coats. Allow the pot to dry completely on a sheet of plastic wrap to prevent sticking.

Step 3: Cover the Drainage Hole

Use crumbled scrap paper to block the drainage hole during the glow paint application.

Step 4: Pour the Glow Paint

With the pot turned upside down on the plastic wrap, slowly pour the glow paint.

Step 5: Let the Paint Spill

Let the paint run off the sides of the pot. The paint may slightly collect at the bottom, but don’t worry – you’ll even it out in the next step.

Step 6: Even Out the Glow Layer

Use the plastic wrap to slowly lift the entire pot into your hand. Slowly tilt the pot in your palm to create an even paint layer on the bottom and to spread your design across the sides.

Step 7: Let Dry

The paint will continue to slowly spill over the sides as it dries. Once your pot is completely dry, carefully lift it from the plastic wrap and remove the scrap paper from the drainage hole.

Step 8: Add a Plant

Your pot is now ready for planting—we chose lace aloe (Aloe aristata).

Step 9: Turn Off the Lights!

During the day, the pot will appear a pale, lime green color. It will "charge" as long as it's in a bright spot—if kept indoors, next to a lamp is the perfect spot. Once you turn out the lights, you’ll get a dramatic glow!

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