Steps for Making Lavender Sachets

Try crafting these simple sachets and filling them with dried lavender.

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender has many healing properties. It repels moths and mosquitoes and has been used as a sleep aid when placed near a pillow.

Grow Your Own

There are many varieties of lavender that can be grown in your garden.

Cut the Fabric

To make one sachet, measure and cut two 6 inch squares of fabric. Cut two 6-inch long pieces of lace trim.

Sew the Sachet

Sew one piece of lace trim across the top of each fabric piece.  Place the fabric on top of each other aligning the lace together with the good sides of the fabric facing in.  Sew along the three edges of the fabric, leaving the lace side completely open.

Right Side Out

Turn the bag right side out.  The open side with the lacing will be where you fill the bags.

Add Lavender

Fill the sachet approximately half way with dried lavender buds.

Add Ties

With some gardening twine, tie them off.  When the scent wears off, you can replace the lavender by simply untying the bag or you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to refresh the buds.

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