Modern String Art Heart

Make this inexpensive and modern string art heart to decorate your home for Valentine's Day. Bright, florescent pink and metallic gold make for a bold conversation starter that will fill your home with a dash of color.


Materials Needed:

  • 24" x 24" piece of Mason board
  • 24" x 24" piece of kraft paper
  • 1-pound pack 1-inch nails
  • pencil
  • foam paintbrush
  • acrylic paint (I used fluorescent pink)
  • 100 yards thin, woven thread (I used metallic gold)
  • hammer
  • scissors

Paint the Board

Paint the entire surface of the Mason board until fully covered (Image 1). Let dry. Then, apply a second coat of paint and let dry according to your paint's instructions (Image 2).

Create the Heart Stencil

Fold the kraft paper in half (Image 1). Starting on the folded edge of the kraft paper, draw the right half of a big heart (Image 2). Position the heart in the center of the kraft paper leaving a few inches of margin at the top and the bottom.

Cut Out the Heart Stencil

Keep the kraft paper folded and cut through both layers along the half heart that you drew (Images 1, 2). Open the kraft paper; this is your heart stencil (Image 3).

Transfer Heart Onto the Board

Position the kraft paper heart stencil on top of the painted Mason board (Image 1). Line up the top of the kraft paper with the top of the board. Very lightly trace the heart stencil onto the board (Image 2).

Hammer Nails Along the Heart Pattern

Starting at the top center point of the heart, hammer in small nails about 1 inch apart (Image 1). Make sure to not hammer the nails completely through the board. Continue to hammer in the nails about 1 inch apart all the way around the light pencil line (Image 2, 3).

String From Nail to Nail

Double-knot one end of the metallic string onto any nail on the board (Image 1). While holding the string taut in one hand, pull it to the other end of the heart and wrap it around any nail. Pull it across the heart again and wrap it around a different nail (Image 2). On every few nails, wrap the string around the nail twice for added security (Image 3).

Create More Layers to Finish

Continue to pull the string back and forth across the heart and wrapping it around different nails (Image 1). Be sure to keep the string taut. As you create more layers, pause every so often while keeping the string taut and gently push the layers of string down each nail (Image 2). Double-knot the metallic string onto any nail to finish the heart. Trim the ends (Image 3). You're finished!

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