3 Simple and Innovative Cinderblock Projects

Playing with blocks gets a grown-up spin.

Cinder Block Projects
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Maybe you’ve always thought of cinderblocks as something a construction worker uses to build big walls and buildings out of. You’re not wrong, but cinderblocks are much more capable and far less complicated than they seem. Just think of them as big kid building blocks that's budget-friendly to boot.

Bench Potting Stand

Make your porch a dreamy jungle escape by building a tiered plant stand using cinderblocks. Start by laying six blocks out on a drop cloth and painting them green. Once dry, place four blocks upright in your desired location, two in tandem on each side. Place a 16-inch wide board cut to 4 feet in length across the blocks. Place the remaining two blocks on top of the board with a second board on the very top. This board should only measure 8 inches in width. Once completed, fill with all the necessities for potting plants and easily remove the stand when you no longer have a use for it.

Terra Cotta Pots Sit Atop a Stand Made of Wood and Cinderblocks

Plants Arranged on Top of a Bench Made of Cinderblocks

Cinderblocks that have been painted green are combined with pine boards to create an innovative way of displaying potted plants. The stand is covered in terra cotta pots with a variety of different plants inside.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Stacked Planter

To build a modern tiered planter for your porch, start by placing six cinderblocks on a drop cloth and spray-painting dark charcoal. Once dry, place a sheet of plastic in your desired location and arrange the cinderblocks on top. Get creative with your stacking, ensuring plenty of surfaces for the plants to sit on and in. Once you have a design you’re satisfied with, cut off the excess of the plastic with a utility knife, and get to decorating.

Plants Sit In and on Top of a Stack of Painted Cinderblocks

A Stack of Painted Cinderblocks Being Used as a Planter

A group of painted cinderblocks are situated to be used as a tower of planters. Some spots are selected as rests for pots while others have plants directly planted inside of the holes.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Firewood Stack

Create an effective and unique firewood stacker by placing two cinderblocks on the ground side-by-side and placing 1x4 boards in each of the holes with the boards pointing outward. Now, just nest your wood inside the boards to keep it dry and orderly, and when you no longer need it, it's a cinch to take down!

Cinderblocks Hold Boards That Support a Stack of Firewood

A Stack of Wood Sitting Inside of Boards Balanced in Cinderblocks

Two cinderblocks sit on the ground with pine boards stuck inside the holes. Within the cone created by the pine boards is a stack of firewood.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

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