10 Best Garden Hose Storage Solutions for Your Yard + Patio

Keep your garden hose tangle-free and out of the way with these top-rated organizers.

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August 12, 2021

The simple garden hose is the real MVP of the backyard, from keeping plants watered to powering sprinklers and water toys for kids. But for something used so often, it also gets in the way and can create a patio eyesore — or worse a trip hazard. We’ve rounded up the best garden hose storage solutions to keep your garden hose away from backyard foot traffic and neatly organized for the next job. No tangled cords here. These garden hose holders have got you covered, from minimal, wall-mounted racks to heavy-duty hose reels on wheels. We even included some hidden garden hose storage for keeping your hose in plain sight without cramping your patio style. Check out our favorites below and see which garden hose storage solution is best for your home and yard.

Garden Hose Storage 101

Before you start shopping for garden hose storage, make sure you have the right garden hose for your yard and patio as this will determine the type of storage you need. Next, you’ll need to consider where your outdoor water faucet is located as you’ll likely want to keep storage close to the water source. (Because lugging a heavy-duty XL water hose looped around and around your shoulder across the yard every time you want to hook it up is no fun.) Weight and length are the most important factors to consider when shopping for garden hose storage. Wall-mounted racks are best for smaller garden hoses without extra nozzles. For wall mounts or freestanding hangers, avoid narrow single hooks since that design can put more pressure in one area of a hose, increasing the likelihood a kink will develop in that spot. Instead, look for hangers with an arch design, which will help distribute the weight of the hose. Reel carts on wheels are great for extra-long hoses with heavy attachments. Time is another thing to consider. For daily use for a vegetable garden, a freestanding hanger can keep a hose close to garden beds for instant access. If you only need a garden hose for the occasional pet bath or kiddie pool, a stylish garden hose pot might be more your speed.

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Best Wall-Mounted Garden Hose Rack

A wall-mounted garden hose rack is the most budget-friendly option for storage as well as the most compact as it takes advantage of wall siding and shores up floor space. And it doesn't have to be outside either. You could install a wall-mounted rack in a garage, carport or tool shed depending on the wall material and weight limit. This no-frills wall-mount rack from Yard Butler has rave reviews and comes in several different colors.

Best Garden Hose Reel Cart

For something more heavy-duty or an extra-long hose, you need a reel cart. This is a total game-changer if you use a garden hose on a daily basis as the cart does all the winding and unwinding. You just crank the handle. This Yard Butler reel is designed for smaller to medium-sized garden hoses and is perfect for watering summer produce gardens or keeping up with flower beds. Reviewers praise the cushioned, easy-grip handle.

Best Freestanding Hanger for Garden Hoses

While carts are handy, they can get heavy. And if you're using a garden hose once or even twice a day, you might not want to put it in storage overnight. A freestanding hanger is kind of the best of both worlds. It keeps a garden hose close to the action but holds a coiled-up hose in place much like a wall-mounted hanger. This freestanding hanger from Yard Butler even features a spout so you don't have to worry about connecting to your home's wall faucet if it's far away.

Best Garden Hose Box

If you like the idea of a garden hose reel cart, but don't want it standing in the way or creating a patio eyesore, a hose box is a clever, stylish storage solution. This Ames NeverLeak box features a hidden reel that can store up to 150 feet of garden hose. The crank is still on the outside, but the steel design is much more attractive than a cart. Plus, the top of the box can be used as a patio side table or base for a flower pot.

Best Garden Hose Pot

Technically, you could use any large, all-weather planter as a hose pot, but the difference between a garden hose pot and a regular planter is a specific hole on the side at the bottom of the pot. This design allows the garden hose to thread through the pot for easy use and it also prevents any tangles. However, you can use most hose pots as planters. This pretty patina hose pot would make the perfect mum planter in the fall when you don't need a garden hose as much.

Best Garden Hose Storage on Wheels

If you have a large garden or landscape to keep up with, a garden hose reel cart with wheels is absolutely worth the splurge. This NeverLeak aluminum rolling cart is specifically designed to be lightweight while carrying up to 150-feet of coiled hose. It's also perfect for gardeners with limited mobility or arthritis as this cart is easy to assemble and features cushioned handles and corners.

Most Stylish Garden Hose Storage

Who knew garden hose storage could be so beautiful!? This medallion reel cart from Frontgate is jaw-droppingly gorgeous with a black wrought iron-inspired design. The medallion motif is available as a wall-mounted rack, too. And we love this hose box from Ballard Designs with a lid. It's the perfect way to hide a garden hose on the patio. But stylish storage doesn't have to be expensive. This farmhouse chic hose hanger from Terrain is just $26.

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