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Mix vintage pieces with custom furnishings, Italian fabric panels cover the walls, enchancing the style and sound quality of the theater. Kari Whitman Interiors

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Brian Patrick Flynn

By: Sean McEvoy

If installing a new home theater or updating an existing one is on your home improvement agenda, one of the first steps will be to browse various options and styles of home theater decor. From dramatic and thematic approaches that replicate the Cineplex experience to more understated designs for cozier confines, the options are as diverse as your entertainment choices.

Home Theater Products

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High-Def Television

If you decide to install a television in your home theater rather than a projector, you'll find that there are many options in a wide range of prices. Most of today’s TVs are high-definition, offering stunning high-resolution pictures of 720p or 1080p. Some of them even offer a 3-D experience. This 60-inch TV is SHARP’s first 3-D LEC LCD television for the U.S. market. Photo courtesy of SHARP Electronics

Photo By: Sharp

Remotes and Touch Panels

A universal remote or touch panel makes your life easier by eliminating the need for separate remotes for each system. Elan Home Systems offers state-of-the-art touch panels and a universal remote that will combine all your systems into one control.

Rope Lights

To prevent reflections on the screen, ambient lighting is the best choice for a home theater. Installing LED light strips or ropes, such as this flexible rope from CBConcept, is an easy, inexpensive way to recreate a real-theater experience at home. This versatile lighting can be placed on the floor, behind screens and behind crown molding.

Surround-Sound System

Surround sound is essential to a true theater experience. By placing at least five voice-matched speakers and a subwoofer around the room, such as this system from Audio Plus Services, you can create larger-than-life wraparound sound.

Photo By: Audio Plus Services

Blu-Ray Player With 3-D Capabilities

If you invest in a high-definition television, you'll want to match the quality with high-def sources. A Blu-ray player will provide the best picture possible, and some players now offer a 3-D experience. Samsung's BD-C7900 Blu-ray player has 3-D capability, web-connected apps and built-in wireless connectivity. It will even upscale your standard-definition DVDs into high-resolution movies.

Photo By: Samsung

Home Theater Wiring and Cables

Before setting up your home theater, make sure you have the right wiring and cables to connect your equipment. HDMI cables are perfect for audio and video HD performance, and they allow you to connect your smart phones, computers, camcorder and video cameras to your high-definition television. Photo courtesy of Monster Cable Products

Photo By: Monster Cable Products, Inc.

Home Theater Seating

Comfortable seating puts the finishing touch on your home theater. Recliners are a popular option since they can be adjusted for ideal viewing, and some models now have built-in storage and drink holders, such as these red leather seats from CinemaTech.

HD Projector

If you want the largest screen size possible for your home theater, a projector may be a better choice than a television. There are now high-definition projectors that will provide a picture comparable to a movie theater. This projector from Audio Plus Services is a high-performance, full-HD option that has 1080p resolution and 70,000:1 contrast ratio.

Photo By: Samsung


A receiver is the control center for the surround sound. It processes the audio signals and sends them to the speakers for the best in-home, wraparound sound. It can also manage video inputs, such as a cable box, video game console and Blu-ray player. The HW-C700 Channel Home Theater Receiver from Samsung offers cinematic surround sound and is compatible with 3-D Blu-ray players.

Photo By: Samsung

One of the first elements to consider when planning your home theater decor is seating. You'll have many choices here, from plush sofas and traditional armchairs to cinema-style rows of custom-designed seating. When considering the latter, home theater enthusiasts often opt for stadium seating within the room itself, so no guests are troubled by obstructed views. Whether you opt for more traditional seating or thematic, cinema-style seats for your home theater, comfort and convenience are two key considerations. Guests will potentially be seated for long periods of time, so place comfort first when considering your seating options.

Next, it's important to think about accessories, particularly if you've opted for cinema-style chairs or rows. These often come equipped with trays or cup holders, key elements when you want your decor to emulate the big-screen experience. High-end seating for your home theater will often feature sturdy construction and premium fabric or leather upholstery—even features like the ability for chairs to automatically respond to the action on screen by vibrating or moving. But there are less feature-rich options for media room designers on a budget. Standard armchairs or couches are always an option, and for smaller spaces, a selection of throw pillows and beanbag chairs can go a long way.

When you've determined your home theater's seating scheme, you'll want to consider the accessories you'll feature. There are many choices in this category as well, from thematic and extreme to more traditional. If your goal is to emulate a cinema via your home theater decor, many companies offer custom media room curtain designs so that you can unveil your screen in style and create a cinematic atmosphere.

Artwork can be a great addition to a home theater, and many entertainment rooms are adorned with vintage movie posters or other nods to the silver screen, from movie memorabilia to autographed headshots.

Lighting will be a key element of your home theater decor, and your options will be varied here as well. Many home theater enthusiasts opt for sconces or track lighting in their entertainment spaces, often with a remotely controlled dimming feature to ensure the optimal brightness and darkness levels in the room are easily maintained. Additionally, LED-style floor lighting may be a good idea, especially if your home theater features stadium seating. This safety feature will allow guests to navigate the space in the dark, and it'll provide the added benefit of recreating an authentic cinema-style experience.

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