10 Items Under $100 to Make Working From Home Way More Comfortable

Boost your productivity and your mood with one of these clever or cozy buys for your home office.

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February 26, 2021

Working from home has its ups and downs. On one hand, you can spend the entire day in your favorite sweatpants and no one has to know about it. On the other hand, you can be interrupted and distracted by your spouse, kids, pets, neighbors or household chores at any given moment.

To ensure that your good days outweigh the frustrating, we've compiled a list of our ultimate WFH essentials. They'll help you start each day on a positive note, keep you comfortable while you complete different tasks and cost you less than $100.


For those days when you really need to be seated at your desk but wish you were snuggled under a nice, warm blanket, snag this faux sheepskin seat cover. The shag will feel soft against your back and give your chair a snuggly finish while looking chic on camera for your Zoom meeting.

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Get things done from the comfort of your bed or couch with this top-rated lap desk. Though the design seems fairly simple at first glance, it's actually packed with thoughtful features like a built-in mousepad and an ergonomic wrist rest that also prevents your laptop from sliding around. A handle on top makes the lap desk conveniently portable, too.

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Sit down to a perfectly hot cup of coffee, no matter how long you've been away from your desk, by snagging your very own Ember Smart Mug. The Bluetooth-enabled cup allows you to set your coffee to the perfect temperature and maintains that heat for 1.5 hours. It's a huge hit on the internet and worth the $100 price tag.

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Keep one eye on the kiddos during your conference call with this convenient rearview mirror for your computer. The palm-sized disc takes up very little room on the corner of your monitor but offers a clear view of the space behind you.

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Ward off neck and eye strain while you work by lifting your monitor or laptop to a more comfortable position. This curved stand will easily get the job done and even boasts an integrated shelf so you can move your phone and other personal items out of the way.

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Long hours at the computer can be hard on your wrists. Luckily, we've found the perfect solution: This plush memory foam rest. The ergonomic design will angle your arms into a more comfortable position, distribute pressure evenly and ensure you walk away from your desk without carpal tunnel. The pad is also available in four different colors and even comes with a matching one for your mouse.

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Spend less time (and mental energy) untangling your cables and more time enjoying a clutter-free workspace with this handy organizer. Two channels and a suction cup underneath make it easy to thread wires through and secure them to any flat surface.

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Soak up all the good vibes while you draft and send emails by basking in the gentle glow of this Verilux HappyLight. The compact device will take up minimal space on your desk but deliver 10,000 lux of cool-white light and help keep your Seasonal Affective Disorder in check.

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If you're one of those people who are always cold, then do yourself a huge favor and snag this cozy, electric foot warmer for your home office. The oversized pocket is large enough to cover your shins and is crafted from super-soft plush material.

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And when you need a mental vacation in the middle of the workday? Simply light this soy wax candle and slip away to the beach. Notes of bergamot, sandalwood, tonka bean and amber combine to inspire thoughts of salty ocean air, hot sand and a coastline decorated with seaweed and shells.

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