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Lighting wraps around entire floor risers and rpovides adequate illumination to guide visitors around the theater.

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

By: Sean McEvoy

Home theaters are becoming a marquee feature of many homes—the added entertainment value they provide appeals to many homeowners, and they may even add to the resale value of a home. If you're planning to upgrade an existing home theater or install a new one in your home, you'll likely want to explore the plentiful options for home theater carpet ideas.

Designer Home Theaters and Media Rooms

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Garage Redo

Originally a garage, this media room doubles as the client's boardroom. The TV acts as a video monitor and LAN network device for work presentations.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

Walking into this unique home theater feels eerily similar to walking aboard the Starship Enterprise or Voyager. Equipped with computer-controlled LED lighting, this virtual spaceship can change from color to color at the touch of a button — even to "red alert" if problems arise. The room has 11 seats, a large screen and state-of-the-art electronics. Designed by Audio Advisors, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Fla., the room is so impressive it was named best overall themed theater in 2007 by CEDIA.

Under the Sea

A 360-degree custom oceanic mural was the springboard for the design of the theater pictured here. An asymmetrical ceiling creates the impression of a smooth rolling wave, and the screen seems to float before the audience (they're actually attached to custom-made quarter-inch steel brackets attached to the back wall). Dimmable LED lights glow behind the screen and spill down the walls, providing the sensation of being in an aquarium. The thick-pile carpet and pad absorb some of the sound energy in the room.

Retro Hollywood Style

Go back in time and spend a night at the movies with this Hollywood-inspired media masterpiece. The audio system features eight powered woofers, 10 surround speakers and three massive screen speakers. That equals 8,400 conservative system watts. Design by by Cantara Design, Interior Design by Slayman Design Associates

Cool and Contemporary

This contemporary home theater is fully light-controlled, with no natural light present. The room has 3-D capability and provides an excellent gaming experience and outstanding movie-watching reproduction. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Lonely Space Becomes Popular

An unused shell above a garage became a multifunctional media room to a include access to the house-wide DVD and music server, in addition to the home's security cameras, the Internet and house-wide lighting controls. Rather than hang the projector from a pole in the ceiling, technicians used a cantilevered wall mount to install it sleekly at the top of the rear wall. Photo courtesy of Genesis Audio & Video

Rockin' Around the Theater

It's impossible not to have a rockin' good time in this 1950s diner-inspired entertainment center. Not only does it feature a theater screen surrounded by a mural of the classic drive-in scene, but it also includes a private bowling alley and incredible decor. Audio One Sound and Video Inc. in Miami also amped up the theater system with 12 speakers, two subwoofers and a high-end front projector.

Photo By: unknown

To the Batcave!

The Batcave is the perfect place to watch a flick. This home theater is designed for the ultimate Batman fan, and it also features cozy details from Wayne Manor and a life-size replica of the Batmobile seen in The Dark Knight, which sits in an adjacent room. Photo courtesy of Elite Home Theater Seating

Entry-Level High End

This media room represents what you might get at the entry level of high-end home entertainment ($20,000 to $30,000). It features a relaxed, open environment, suitable for watching movies and playing video games. The 133-inch screen creates an immersive environment, while media equipment is stored out of the sight, though still easily accessible. Dynamic A/V, Inc. of Granger, Ind., worked to incorporate all the homeowner's desires, including a projector that provides great audio performance and a clear picture in any light.

User-Friendly Home Theater Controls

In this lower-priced ($30,000 to $75,000) professionally designed home theater, the control system provides easy, full-featured use, and a custom screen allows for an optimum viewing experience in a room that is shallow in depth. The seating is arranged in tiers, and the room is completely blocked off from light and outside sound. Photo courtesy of Dynamic A/V, Inc.

Photo By: Wes Calvin, Platinum Productions

Wooden Elegance

This handsome mid-level ($75,000 to $150,000) space was designed as the centerpiece of the home. With tiered seating and beautiful leather chairs, the home theater also features an easy control system. The wood-paneled wall and framed artwork make the space even more luxurious.

Beneath the Garage

This upscale ($150,000 to $300,000)theater room is built in a large, enclosed concrete space below the home's garage. The room's design mimics that of the home, which features tons of dark cherry wood. This classy space seats at least 12 people. Photo courtesy of Home Technology Systems in Wichita, Kan.

Star-Studded Wonder

This high-end ($500,000 to $1,000,000) theater features a 180-inch screen, exclusive projector, star-field ceiling, 15-person seating, surround channels for each row of seating, custom-built speakers, and audio/video components that rival the real theater experience. The projector is concealed in an imitation ticket booth. Photo courtesy of Admit One, Inc. in Edina, Minn.

High-Dollar Home Theater

This stunning million-dollar-plus home theater is a world-class screening room. It features two-and-a-half-inch-thick acrylic windows that look into the 98,000-gallon pool. The chairs are from Radio City Music Hall, and the carpet and wall materials were custom dyed to match. Design by Future Home in Los Angeles, Calif.

Trendy Theater

This high-end ($300,000 to $500,000) modern home theater was designed to create a high-performance space for movies and sporting events. Isolated acoustically and equipped with complete surround sound, the room provides a high-quality, immersive experience. The sound system features 20 discrete channels: the main left, center and right speakers; four side surrounds; two back-wall surrounds; and 11 subwoofers. The room also has an independent cooling system to provide ultimate comfort. Photo courtesy of La Scala in Vancouver, B.C.

$6 Million Theater

Dubbed the $6 million theater, this media room leaves almost nothing to be desired. Designed and built by Jeremy R. Kipnis of Kipnis Studios, the theater offers a 22-foot state-of-the-art screen. The theater also includes a double-story balcony, orchestra section and special acoustic materials that help make the room completely noise isolated.

Personalized Entertainment

His and hers HD DVRs as well as two additional DVRs for guests takes this charming living room to the next level of entertainment. Homeowners have access to four DirecTV HD DVRs, Blu-Ray movies, AppleTV content, ROKU content, a computer and dual Mirage Media sources such as Pandora, Rhapsody, LastFM, XM radio, iTunes music and an iPod dock.

High-End Experience

Hand-scraped wood floors and traditional design details anchor this luxe living room, which features discreetly placed audio and video components for a high-end entertainment experience that doesn't overshadow the room's design. Design by Audio Video Interiors

Photo By: HOWARD TUCKER 216-696-4616

Hidden Screen and Projector

When it's time to watch a movie in this room, the projector drops out of the ceiling and the screen drops down from a reclaimed beam in the ceiling. The control system allows the house sources to be shared in the media room along with a local Blu Ray player.

Photo By: Alex Fenlon

Rustic Retreat

This room's 65-inch plasma display is recessed for a clean, polished and unobtrusive installation. A massive hearth made of native stone visually dominates the rustic room, and all the speakers and the subwoofer were positioned in the ceiling so they wouldn't distract the eye.

Combination Media Room and Theater

A large projection screen drops in front of the flat-screen TV from the 10-foot ceiling when the owner of this home wants to watch a movie. The movie screen drops enough to hide the television but doesn't cover the surround-sound system's front speakers.

Photo By: Barry Schwartz

Framed Artwork TVs

In the 2013 HGTV Smart Home canvas artwork retracts to reveal flat-screen TVs. When not in use, TV covers scroll down to create a framed art experience. The media system is controled by a smart tablet or Web-enabled device

Photo By: Eric Perry

Multipurpose Entertainment Room

Moore Audio Design used window treatments to help eliminate natural light, while a Screen Innovations 97-inch Black Diamond Zero Edge screen amplifies light coming from the projector. Aside from the main screen, homeowners can view either of the 40-inch Samsung LED TVs if they are playing poker or getting a snack in the back of the room. Photography by Jim Schmid Photography

Photo By: Jim Schmid Photography

Traditional Meets High Tech

This inviting room combines traditional design with a high-tech home system that allows homeowners control heating, security, and the entertainment hub. Design by Architectural Electronics, Inc.

Photo By: CEDIA

Great Viewing, Day or Night

Optimized for both daytime and nighttime, this room lets viewers choose from a recess-mounted flatscreen and a projection screen that resides in the ceiling when not in use. Design by Starr Systems Design


Cozy Retreat

With 5.1 surround sound and a sleek recess-mounted plasma TV, this cozy retreat overlooking the kitchen offers a change of pace in this combination live/work residence. Design by Beyond Home Theater

Unobtrusive Design

With a custom-cast space to fit the TV and a specialty finish on the TV frame, this room provides the best in entertainment without interrupting the design appeal of the home. Design by Starr Systems Design

See It From All Angles

A swivel-mounted flatscreen lets homeowners follow the action on the screen from all angles, including above. Photo courtesy of Innerspace Electronics, Inc.

Setting the Stage

From family movie night to prime-time sporting events, the geometric patterns and artwork, a commanding 85" plasma TV, and a full bar area set the stage in this media room. Design by Starr Systems Design

Photo By: Alan Gilbert

Eco-Friendly Viewing

In the 2012 HGTV Green Home a 59-inch flat-screen TV, mounted above the fireplace, is a family room focal point. When mounting a TV above the fireplace make sure seating is located far enough back to avoid irritating neck strain.

Photo By: Eric Perry

Hoop Dreams

This media room is any NBA fan's dream come true. Equipped with more than 20 plasma and LCD displays, a bar/kitchenette, bathrooms, and billiard and poker area, basketball lovers have no reason to leave. HomeTronics, Inc., of Dallas, designed this sports paradise, which even includes motorized telescopic poles around the poker table that lower screens from the ceiling, allowing each player to watch whichever game they want. This room took home CEDIA's 2006 best overall media room award, and for good reason.

For Art's Sake

Disguised as a stunning art gallery, this home theater features a stealthy but innovative design. It is adorned with beautiful works of art but also boasts a retractable 14-foot multimedia screen, drop-down plasma screens, and a hidden gallery kitchen and guest quarters. Designed by Baumesiter Electronic Architects of Niles, Ill.

Lord of the Theaters

Inspired by one of the most popular movie franchises in history, this Lord of the Rings themed home theater offers a unique flair with its cutting-edge technology. Equipped with a wireless touch-screen monitor, huge theater screen and comfortable chairs and bar area, the theater brings the movies to life. Silver Screen & Sound, Inc. of Towson, Md., designed this beautiful one-of-a-kind room.

1920s-Style Home Theater

The pinnacle of class and elegance, this home theater was designed to resemble a 1920s movie palace, complete with 12 plush chairs with custom-patterned fabric, a chandelier and wall sconces to add warmth. The space also features a coffered ceiling treatment with custom moldings and an embossed copper ceiling. Photo courtesy of Elite Home Theater Seating

A Movie Gold Mine

This unusual home theater is the ultimate underground experience made to feel like a mine shaft. The home is located in a town known for mining in the 1800s, and the experts at Aurant in West Valley City, Utah, made sure the theater reflected that atmosphere. From the long entrance hall leading down to the dark mine that doubles as the theater, every detail stays true to theme.

Beneath the Stars

A work of art itself, this French country chateau theater was inspired by French architectural design. Its emphasis on lavish interiors and close attention to detail bring viewers out of the theater and into the countryside. Aurant in West Valley City, Utah, turned this room into a beautiful star-studded home theater.

Accurate Sound Stage

The front speakers in this theater are hidden behind an acoustically transparent screen, an arrangement that provides a very accurate sound stage and optimal visual impact. The entire room is treated with just the right amount of absorption and reflection, completely disguised behind sound suede fabric attached with an invisible track system. The 12-inch riser for the rear row of seating is filled with insulation and framing running from the front to back of the room, with the front face left open to act as a bass trap; the carpet hiding the opening allows low frequencies to be absorbed under the riser.

Photo By: Photographer: Harvey Smith

Room for a Buffet

This theater achieved an architectural consistency with the ornate trim and plaster details in the rest of the house while maintaining a subdued level of finish that wouldn't detract from the video presentation. And moving the right wall in 30 inches allowed room for a buffet that blocks the entry door from view in the seating area.

Photo By: Jackson HIll

Sounds Perfect

High-mass materials and mechanical isolation were used on the walls, ceiling and floor of this theater to create a sound-isolation envelope. All trim, acoustic materials, platforms and stage materials were chosen based on their soundproofing qualities. Acoustic materials included specialized diffusion and absorption products, some of them custom-designed for the space. Surround speakers reduce seat-to-seat variance in sound, and the seating platform was designed to function as a bass trap. The design of the solid mahogany ceiling facilitated high- and mid-frequency diffusion while also preventing image reflections from the screen.

Mountain Motif

This mountain-chalet theater features decoupled inner-wall and ceiling construction to minimize sound transmission into and from neighboring rooms and the floor above. The interior acoustical materials offer a balanced sound field despite the small size of the space. The variegated acoustical palate is neatly concealed behind a stretch-fabric system.

Music Maker

This home theater was designed to maintain the integrity of the Arabian theme throughout the home. The space features state-of-the-art electronics and acoustics, not only to play movies but also to reproduce music throughout the home. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Photo By: HOWARD TUCKER 216-696-4616

Classic Old-Time Home Theater

A traditional red velvet curtain gives this beautiful space an old Hollywood feel. The patterned carpet, columns, and wood detailing also contribute to the classic look of the space. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Decked-Out Theater

This extravagant home theater was designed with comfortable theater-style seating to accommodate young children and a large extended family. All amenities contribute to the true movie theater experience, including a candy counter, popcorn machine and refrigerator for cold drinks. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Photo By: Patty Schuchman

Clean Comfort

This home theater was created as a space where a family could gather to enjoy movies and TV together. The cool color scheme and yellow accent lights give the room a fun feel. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Grecian-Style Home Theater

White columns and arches lend a Grecian feel to this home theater. The tall ceilings are emphasized by the half columns, ceiling beams and dramatic wall sconces. A muted color palette and leather seats add a touch of elegance.

Silver Screen Space

The beautiful woodwork, coffered ceiling, deep-blue walls and rich leather seats make this room the perfect space to watch a flick. The classic space has an old Hollywood feel.

Jaw-Dropping Home Theater

This theater will drop jaws when people see and hear it. Along with a crystal-clear sound and picture, the space has beautiful woodwork and leather seats. It also features a star field ceiling. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Form and Function

This visually stunning theater is large enough to accommodate friends and family and also rivals the audio-visual performance of the best commercial theaters. The space features comfortable seating, a huge screen, 3-D capability, theater-quality audio and high-end decorative elements, which add to the luxury. Copyright CEDIA 2011. Used with permission.

Photo By: Alan Gilbert

Concealed Audio

Custom-fabricated acoustic panels absorb and diffract sound in this theater, in addition to concealing the surround speakers and the subwoofer. And double drywall board provides a degree of sound isolation.

Acoustic Wood Detailing

A cabinetmaker was called in to help create a design in which the hard surface detailing on the wood in this theater would disperse sound and minimize the wood's impact on audio performance. Significant sections of the walls are covered with fabric, and rich cashmere with excellent acoustical properties conceals the surround speakers and acoustical treatments.

Classic Hollywood Regency Style

This home theater was designed in the Hollywood Regency style, adding glitz and glamour to the space. The center aisle, theater seating and curtains around the screen give viewers a true theater feeling. Art deco details add a touch of Tinseltown style.

Urban Space

The design possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an elegant, inviting dedicated media room. In this urban space, a custom frame and a welded-steel support "float" the backlighted screen in the urban condo pictured here. White LED lights create a custom glow around the screen. The spiral staircase leads from the media room to an upper-level living area.

Wall of Sound

A front wall full of speakers and subwoofers provide immersive audio in this comfy theater space.

The size and scale of your home theater will likely help you decide on some important design considerations. For example, many homeowners with a smaller space dedicated to a home theater or media room will prefer to keep it simple and feature more of a "family room" style layout. They may choose to use an array of couches and chairs for seating, and traditional plush carpeting on the floors, where it provides both comfort and a sound-dampening effect (this is especially important if the media room is located on an upper floor of the home). Smaller home theaters don't feature carpeting at all in some instances, or homeowners may opt for large area rugs as opposed to wall-to-wall carpeting.

Conversely, homeowners whose plan is to emulate a movie-house experience in their home theater tend to go all-out when it comes to their designs. Stadium-style seating is not at all uncommon, with guests' chairs featuring an array of conveniences and accessories, from cup holders and trays to vibration or movement features that are triggered when the action onscreen gets particularly intense. Enormous projection screens or TVs and elaborate lighting and sound systems are often paired with the cinema-style decor, and it's not uncommon to find popcorn machines or even full concession stands in these meticulously themed spaces.

The same rules tend to apply when it comes to carpeting in cinema-themed home theaters—carpets are often specifically chosen to reflect a movie-house feel. There are both online and brick-and-mortar home theater specialty stores that offer this type of carpeting in a range of styles and pricing tiers. If you're planning a home theater design that will feature carpeting that would be right at home a the local megaplex, you'll want to ensure that it will also do double duty for you as a sound-dampening tool. Carpets that are a bit more plush tend to do this job better than their thinner cousins, so keep an eye out for samples with a bit more heft—they may spare you complaints from other rooms in the house when the subwoofer kicks in during a climactic action scene.

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