Craft a Leather Tassel That (Surprise!) Can Charge Your Phone

Never be without a charging cord again with this totally on-trend accessory that easily clips onto your briefcase, purse or keyring.

Photo by: Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Materials Needed

  • 4-1/2" to 5-1/2" leather fringe, cut to 36" long
  • brass round eye swivel trigger snap (check your local hardware store)
  • clear urethane glue
  • scissors
  • rubber band
  • 7" charging cable for your type of phone
  • 10 mm crimp end connectors
  • needle nose pliers

Cut Leather Fringe

From the 36" section of leather fringe, cut off one piece.

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Clamp Charging Cord

Fold the charging cord in half and slide a metal crimp end around it, leaving a loop at the top. Using pliers, gently close the crimp end to secure the looped charging cord.

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Attach Charging Cord to Trigger Snap

Slide the single piece of leather fringe through the bottom brass ring (Image 1) and pull the ends through to create a knot (Image 2). Slide one end of the fringe through the looped charging cable (Image 3) and tie a knot to secure (Image 4).

Create Leather Tassel

Lay leather fringe out flat, suede-side-up. Position the charging cable so the knotted area is even with the top of the fringe. Add a bit of glue (Image 1) and wrap the fringe's end around (Image 2). Then adding glue as you go, tightly wrap the leather around the trigger snap and charger (Image 3). Secure the tassel with a rubber band and allow the glue to fully dry overnight (Image 4).

A Stylish Charge on the Go

Clip the finished tassel onto your purse or briefcase or use it as a keyring (Image 1). To use the charger, just plug the USB end into a laptop or converter (Image 2).

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