DIY Boo-Boo Buddies for All the Aches and Pains

Get rid of the ouch with kid-friendly ice packs that double as playful pals.

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Using washcloths and just a few cute accessories, you can make animal-themed ice holders for aiding scrapes and bumps.

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The struggle is all too real when a little one gets hurt and needs an ice pack. Not only are there tears, but there's often no ice pack to be found. If one is found, it is often too cold for the kiddo to endure. The solution is only one DIY away: boo-boo buddies! So forget the frozen veggie packs and the ice pouches that are always too cold. It’s time to create a boo-boo buddy that will soothe the ache but also be a pal until it’s time to play again.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Materials Needed

  • washcloth
  • rubber bands
  • hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • googly eyes
  • felt
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • pompoms

Puppy Pal

Lay a washcloth on a flat surface. Fold the cloth in half, and immediately unfold. Using the center crease as a stopping point, roll the edges of the cloth to the center. Fold the rolled piece in half, and secure in the center with a rubber band. Next, with the looped end facing up, separate the larger loop into two separate sections with a rubber band. Arrange the cloth as needed until the desired pup shape is achieved. Create a sweet pup face by gluing a felt nose and two eyes to the doggy face. Next, add a red felt tongue and floppy ears. To create the ears, slide a piece of felt through the top loop and let hang. Use a dot of glue to secure. 

Chick Check-Up

To create an adorable chick buddy, begin by laying a washcloth on a flat surface. Roll the cloth from one end to the other, fold in half, and hold in the center of the fold. Next, peel down the two loose ends, creating two more loops, and secure in the center with a rubber band. Secure the top loops with hot glue. Attach eyes, a felt beak and finally two tiny chick feet to the base of the cloth creation. To finish it off, tie a ribbon around the neck, and finish with a tiny bow.

Bunny Buddy

Fold a washcloth in half to find your center, and then unfold. Using the created crease for reference, roll each end of the cloth to the center. Fold the rolled cloth in half and in half again, securing it with a rubber band. Adjust the cloth as necessary until the rabbit has come to life. Attach two eyes and a small pom-pom nose to the front of the cloth creature. Glue a larger pom-pom to the back of the bunny for a fluffy tail. Finish off the boo-boo bunny with a ribbon and bow around the neck.

Chill Buddies

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Store these helpful pals in the freezer until they are ready to be put into use. Add an ice cube to the center of the cloth creature for easy, mess-free pain relief.

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