Turn a Wall Into a Work of Art With Paint

Create a one-of-a-kind painted mural to enliven any room.

This stunning watercolor wall is a great alternative to expensive art. Wall-filling canvases are definitely trending, but when you make your own art, everything is custom. Better still, when your incredible homemade artwork is DIY, you can decide which colors best complement your home and blend well with your decor.

Materials Needed

  • paint tray
  • 3 paint rollers
  • spray bottle with water
  • rag
  • medium paintbrush
  • large paintbrush


Remember, this is an original artwork of your own creation, so relax, have fun and experiment. Get the effect you want by going over the paint with a combination of rollers, water, brushes and a rag until you have the cloud-like, blended, dreamy look of a real watercolor.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

To begin, mix 5 parts glaze and one part paint for each of your three paint colors.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

Stir well.

Just keep in mind that glaze extends the dry time and adds texture.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

Start with the darkest paint shade, Sherwin-Williams Grandeur Plum SW 6565, first and use your paint roller to create the rough, cloud-like shape of your basic watercolor form.

Remember, you are not going for a perfect shape, but a billowy, full, puffy one. You will later use the two lighter shades of paint to add depth to this central color.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

Once you've used your roller to roll on the paint, go back over your Sherwin-Williams Grandeur Plum SW 6565, with a spray bottle of water and your large brush to blend and blur the hard lines of your paint strokes.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

Dab off excess paint with your rag.

It's time to add your two lighter shades of paint, Sherwin- Williams Innocence SW 6302 and Sherwin-Williams Rose Colored SW 6303. Start with the Sherwin-Williams Innocence SW 6302 applied with a brush to add bright shading throughout.

Spray with water and dab to blur the edges.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

Now go in with Sherwin-Williams Rose Colored SW 6303 on a roller and add even more depth.

Continue the same process: roll, spray, blend, dab with a rag.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

Go in one more time with your brush and Sherwin-Williams Innocence SW 6302 to create soft, luminous moments.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

Part of the fun of this project is just doing it, and using your combination of painting techniques to get the dreamy watercolor effect that looks right to you.

Photo by: Matt Huesmann

Matt Huesmann

You can balance this lush, romantic wall with some on-trend modern furniture and you've created a beautiful focal point in your home. And rest assured, no one's art will look anything like your one-of-a-kind creation.

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