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Hang out with these beauts.

With warm weather here, now's the time to up your plant game. And one of our favorite ways to mix it up with greenery is with hanging planters.

Hanging planters are an amazing option for anyone who doesn't have much room on a small balcony or back patio, but they work great even if you do have a bit more space, too. They bring a lot of interest and texture to a front or back porch, and they can even work well inside your home.

Green Patio With Black-and-White Rug

Green Patio With Black-and-White Rug

The small patio porch feels oh-so-chic and comfy with crisp black-and-white accents, hanging plants and upholstered furniture, even a rocking chair!

Photo by: Studio Jaki Photography

Studio Jaki Photography

This lovely covered patio from Wake + Loom is a great example of how to display groupings of hanging planters together at varying heights in your space.

We've rounded up 12 hanging planters that we think would look stunning either inside or outside your home this summer.  Here are our picks:

1: Macrame Wall Hanging Planter

Photo by: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

If you love the boho look, macramé planters are the perfect option for you. This planter is a combo wall hanging and planter and would work great either indoors or on a covered porch. There is, however, only room for a small plant in this one.

2: M.F.E.O Jungalow Hanging Planter

Photo by: West Elm

West Elm

The husband-and-wife design duo behind Los Angeles-based M.F.E.O has collaborated with lifestyle blogger, designer and all-around badass chick Justina Blakeney on this Scandi-inspired hanging planter. Each planter is made from sustainably-harvested maple wood.

3: Ceramic Wallscape Planters

Photo by: West Elm

West Elm

Wall planters like these are another great option for hanging plants. These ceramic planters come in two sizes and look great grouped together in one spot. Either inside or outside, these planters can help you create a garden gallery wall.

4: Geo Hanging Planter

Photo by: Anthropologie


These glass hanging planters almost look like mini jewels. Hung together in a variety of sizes and colors, these planters can create a beautiful vignette in your home. They would look especially beautiful hung in front of a window so the light could reflect through the glass of the planters.

5: Ferm Living Stoneware Planter

Photo by: Wayfair


These stylish stoneware planters come in several different sizes, giving you a few different options for your space. The heavier stoneware material is well suited to a space where you can securely hang the planters from your ceiling or porch.

6: Geo Hanging Terrariums

Photo by: Burke Decor

Burke Decor

These open geo terrariums are a beautiful option for a distinctly different type of hanging planter. If you prefer the look of a terrarium, this could be the perfect addition to your space. These would also work well with air plants.

7: Cove Hanging Planter

Photo by: CB2


This painted terra-cotta hanging planter is seriously stylish with its rope details. The rust hue of the terra cotta can also bring a warm, natural vibe to your indoor or outdoor space.  

$16.99; cb2.com

8: Zinc Wall Planters

Photo by: Burke Decor

Burke Decor

Here’s another great option if you prefer the look of mounted wall planters. These zinc planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and look wonderful grouped together in an outdoor space. The dark zinc will contrast beautifully with the bright green of your plants.

$22.50; burkedecor.com

9: Macrame Plant Hanger Bundle

Photo by: Amazon


Boho babes will love this collection of six macrame planters. If you’re looking to add a bunch of hanging planters all at once, this is a great option that includes a nice variety of sizes and textures to give you a jump start.

$39.99; amazon.com

10: Rattan Basket Hanging Planter Set

Photo by: Walmart


This set of two rattan-inspired planters is another great way to kickstart your hanging planter collection. The rattan is a classic look that will go with most styles. And if you’d like a more uniform look, you can buy several sets.

$33.98; walmart.com

11: Zoey Hanging Planter

Photo by: Grandin Road

Grandin Road

For those that prefer a bold splash of color, these gorgeous planters are not to be missed. With a black-and-white zigzag pattern accented with bright green, these splashy planters will quickly become the superstars of your patio.

12: Three-Tier Hanging Planter

Photo by: Food52


Here’s a great way to quickly and easily get the look of a vertical garden with a three-tiered hanging planter. Get inspired by this example by displaying three different types of plants in each pot to create some interest and variety in your outdoor space.

$140; food52.com

The Best Outdoor Hanging Plants for the Season

See All Photos

Infuse vibrant color and interest into your front porch or patio with lush, low-maintenance greenery.


The key to keeping jade plants healthy is allowing plenty of drying time between waterings. Check the soil every three days — if it's moderately dry, the plant is doing okay, and if the soil is very dry, it needs water. When a jade plant isn't receiving adequate water, its leaves will shed and may develop brown spots.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Tassel Fern

Tassel ferns are perfect for filling large spaces on porches or patios, and they work great in multiples. Since tassel ferns need shade, hang them in areas that never receive direct sunlight, and water them two to three times per week.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

'Marble Queen' Pothos

'Marble Queen' pothos is the most common houseplant, both for its ability to help clean indoor air and for its low-maintenance needs. These plants need very little water and you can let them dry out during the fall and winter months. If the soil feels completely dry, use a spray bottle to water the soil and leaves.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions


Kalanchoe is a perennial that requires minimal fertilization and care to survive. Since this succulent has the tendency to grow quite large, it's best to keep it hanging a good distance from others. Should your kalanchoe begin to outgrow its hanging pot, consider planting it in the ground using cactus mix.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

'Spiky Blue' Gray Hair Grass

'Spiky Blue' is a low-maintenance species that thrives both in containers and planted in the ground. This bright green grass brings bold color to an outdoor space while also introducing beautiful, soft texture to homes with rigid lines or super modern architecture. Make your own hanging rope planter >>

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Medinilla magnifica

Medinilla magnifica is a great choice for spring with its green and pink coloring and striking similarity to tulips. This plant prefers a lot of light and is best hung along the outer areas of a porch or patio. Medinilla thrives best between 63 and 77 degrees F and prefers dry soil.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Eastern Hay-Scented Fern

Known to thrive in shade or partially sunny spaces, Eastern Hay-Scented Fern is used by gardeners to fill voids in planting beds or yards, due mostly to its ability to grow quickly. Characterized by yellow-green coloring, this fern has a similar scent to fresh-cut hay. Because of its rapid growth, this plant is a perfect fit for porches and patios in need of privacy from neighboring homes.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns are a favorite of decorators and designers because of their graphic shape and ability to flourish on vertical surfaces. Often mounted to a placard and hung vertically, these plants do well in shaded or indoor spaces and can even handle humid environments. Staghorn ferns should be watered two to three times per week and fertilized once a month.

  1. staghorn fern

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions


Begonias are the whole plant package: they bring bright color, texture and shape to a space; they're easy to care for; and they can thrive both indoors and outdoors. When potting begonias, it's important to use rich, organic potting soil and to place them in areas that don't receive direct sunlight. To determine how often to water begonias, stick your finger into the soil; if the top inch of the soil is dry, this means the begonia needs water. Plus, you'll need to add fertilizer to the pot every six weeks.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

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