10 Amazing Backyard Fire Pits for Every Budget

Built-in, in-ground, portable — there's a fire pit for every backyard.

As a brand-new owner of my very own outdoor fire pit, I’m happy to report: THEY ARE TRULY MAGICAL!

Whether you have loads of outdoor space and want to create a built-in fire pit, or you have a small patio that you’d like to add a portable fire pit to, we’ve got lots of ideas you can try. Grab a bag of marshmallows and get ready for some fun! I've rounded up 10 of my favorite outdoor fire pit setups for every budget.

Fire Pit + Table Combo

Round Fire Pit Table

Round Fire Pit Table

Fire pit tables come in round and square designs. This fire pit by My Outdoor Rooms, based in Dothan, Ala., features an oversized top for a romantic meal or intimate gathering with friends and family. The pre-built fire pit is 5 feet in diameter and 30 inches high with a 19-inch firebowl on the inside.

Photo by: My Outdoor Rooms

My Outdoor Rooms

If space is at a premium for you, one of my favorite fire pit setups is a fire pit/table combo. This two-for-one arrangement allows you to use your table for eating or playing games. Then, you can cover up the fire pit when it’s not in use. However, as soon as you’re ready for some fire-pit action, you automatically have a designated area.

This setup is especially handy if you’re having a s’mores party, as you can use the table section to hold all of the necessary ingredients.

Casual Backyard Fire Pit

Patio with Wooden Furniture Arrangement and Portable Fire Pit

Patio with Wooden Furniture Arrangement and Portable Fire Pit

A circular patio design that is large enough to hold a fire pit and seating for up to six people still retains a sense of intimacy in this design from YardApes, Inc. that takes advantage of the sweeping backyard views.

Photo by: YardApes, Inc., a member of The National Association of Landscape Professionals

YardApes, Inc., a member of The National Association of Landscape Professionals

Use some Adirondack chairs and a portable fire pit to create a fun, casual area in your backyard. Space the chairs around your fire pit in a circle to create a nice conversation space. This type of setup works well for smaller yards or even for larger yards that have a variety of separate designated hang-out areas.

Fire Pit + Pool Combo

Patio With Infinity Pool and Fire Pit

Patio With Infinity Pool and Fire Pit

Taking full advantage of its gorgeous desert setting, this home's porch and patio feature wide open expanses, an infinity pool and a fire pit. The stonework echoes the neutral colors of the landscape.

Photo by: Tor Barstad

Tor Barstad

If you’re thinking of tackling a large-scale backyard renovation, and you’re lucky enough to have a pool, consider adding a fire pit. This type of setup allows you to seamlessly incorporate the fire pit into your backyard landscape. Additionally, if you’re already undertaking a reno, you can easily add elements such as gas to your fire pit. This solution works really well in warmer climates where hanging out by the pool is a year-round option.

Rustic Fire Pit Style

Rustic Fire Pit with Log Seating

Rustic Fire Pit with Log Seating

In a pastoral setting, whether a farm, family homestead or in a new community like Serenbe, near Atlanta, you simply need logs and stones to create a fitting fire pit.

Photo by: Serenbe/J. Ashley Photography

Serenbe/J. Ashley Photography

If you’d like to create a true campfire feel, consider creating a rustic fire pit. You can use logs for seating, and outline the fire pit with stones. For safety reasons, you’ll want to make sure you have a large, wide-open area for this type of a setup. Make sure to keep long branches or skewers on hand for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with the whole family.

In-Ground Fire Pit

Backyard Fire Pit With Wooden Armchairs

Backyard Fire Pit With Wooden Armchairs

A once outdated landscape was retrofitted, redesigned and reconstructed into this luxury backyard resort. The new fire pit provides the perfect spot for cool nights.

Aesthetic Gardens Logo (v3) w:tagline 4-12
From: Aesthetic Gardens

Photo by: Aesthetic Gardens

Aesthetic Gardens

Another more permanent solution is the in-ground fire pit. While this might require a bit of renovation, it’s mostly a matter of choosing a spot, digging it out and replacing the stones or patio tiles once the fire pit is in. Like the table, the pit itself can be easily covered up when not in use.

Modern Fire Pit/Bench

Patio with Concrete Pavers and Fire Pit

Patio with Concrete Pavers and Fire Pit

A combination of uplighting and downlighting to highlight architectural and planting features along with a glowing fire pit creates a cosy, intimate effect in this patio design from Falling Waters Landscape featuring acid washed concrete pavers.

Photo by: Falling Waters Landscape Inc., www.fallingwaterslandscape.com

Falling Waters Landscape Inc., www.fallingwaterslandscape.com

If you have a more modern home, a concrete fire pit and bench is a perfect way to go. These can be easily customized to work in smaller spaces and can be hooked into already existing gas lines. If you use gravel in your yard already, you can incorporate the same gravel in your fire pit to pull the look together.

Built-In Fire Pit Seating

Contemporary Built-In Seating with Fire Pit, Pergola.

Contemporary Built-In Seating with Fire Pit, Pergola.

Built-in seating surrounds three sides of a modern fire pit, creating a cozy spot for relaxing and talking with friends. A pergola overhead defines the seating area and adds to its friendly, welcoming feel.

Photo by: Warwick P Hunt

Warwick P Hunt

If you already have a spot in your yard with built-in seating or benches, consider adding a fire pit as the perfect outdoor centerpiece. You can add pillows and blankets to make your space extra cozy. If you're looking to build an area like the one pictured, consider creating seating with built-in storage below the benches.

Fire Pit Built Into the Landscape

A Circular Stone Fire Pit With a Lake View

A Circular Stone Fire Pit With a Lake View

Architectural stone bridges connect to a circular patio with a wood-burning fire pit. The rough-hewn flagstone boulders are placed in an informal arrangement, complementing the natural feel of the native garden and vistas.

Photo by: Steve Glass

Steve Glass

If you have a heavily landscaped backyard, try an approach like the one pictured and create a fire pit that is seamlessly incorporated into your surroundings. This fire pit looks as if it's part of the natural landscape.

Fire Pit Lounge Space

Square Fire Pit in a Contemporary Outdoor Lounge

Square Fire Pit in a Contemporary Outdoor Lounge

In this contemporary exterior lounge at condo residence in Brazil, the designer used an ecological fire pit by Construflama. The negative edge pool blends with the landscape, and plants such as bamboo and trees offer privacy and maximize the view. The project by designer Alex Hanazaki won a 2014 American Society of Landscape Architects award.

Photo by: Beto Riginik and Yuri Seródio, ASLA

Beto Riginik and Yuri Seródio, ASLA

A truly luxe and comfy option is to create a fire pit as the centerpiece of your outdoor living room. In this type of set up, the fire pit is combined with an outdoor coffee table and surrounded by large outdoor couches. This is an amazing option for a larger space, like a vacation or lake home, where the whole family can enjoy it together.

Perimeter Fire Pit

Linear Fire Pit Parallel to Poolside Seating Area

Linear Fire Pit Parallel to Poolside Seating Area

This unique fire pit matches the home's modern style. The poolside fire pit has a dual purpose of providing warmth and an architectural element to the outdoor space.

Photo by: Siggi Ragnar

Siggi Ragnar

Another approach is to create a fire pit along the perimeter of your outdoor space. This is a great way to visually separate one space from another.

The Most Glamorous Fire Pits in the World

See All Photos

Sandals LaSource, Grenada

Located at Sandals LaSource Grenada, this unique fire pit sits in the center of one of the resort's sparkling pools. Designed by Sarah Hartman of Miami, we think it's the perfect spot for sparking a new romance or rekindling an old flame.  

Photo By: Sandals

Vail Cascade Resort

Entitled "Branch Wall," this spectacular fire feature was created exclusively by Elena Colombo for the Vail Cascade Resort & Spa and sits adjacent to the hot tub.

Photo By: Allen Kennedy Photography, Vail Cascade

Esperanza Resort, Cabo San Lucas

Tucked between two scenic bluffs, Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas boasts a bespoke fire feature overlooking the Sea of Cortez. 

Photo By: Auberge Resorts

Esperanza Close Up

Guests at Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas enjoy fireside romance as they watch the sunset over the Sea of Cortez.  

Photo By: Fire Features

Brasada Ranch, Oregon

Located just outside of Bend, Oregon is Brasada Ranch, a secluded resort where guests are welcomed with a s'mores kit that they can enjoy fireside after horseback riding, golfing or lounging at the organic spa. 

  1. red photos

Photo By: Brasada Ranch

Fireside Sunrise

With a backdrop of snowcapped mountains, guests of Brasada Ranch enjoy watching the sunrise around the resort's large fire pit. It is also the centerpiece for many rustic, romantic wedding receptions.

Photo By: Brasada Ranch

The Mansion at Casa Madrona

Located in Sausalito, California, the Mansion at Casa Madrona is a 5,000-square-foot guest house that boasts a huge outdoor living space with one of the most fabulous fire pits we've ever seen. You'll never want to leave. 

Photo By: Casa Madrona

Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Cabo San Lucas

It doesn't get much more glam than the private casitas at Las Ventanas, which feature several poolside fire pits. Though beaches of Cabo await, we find little reason to leave the room. 

Photo By: Rigoberto Moreno, Las Ventanas

Rancho Valencia, Southern California

Southern California's Rancho Valencia boasts two romantic fire pits adjacent to the resort's Pony Room restaurant and bar where guests enjoy cozy sunsets and fireside cocktails. 

Photo By: Rancho Valencia

Miraval, Tuscon

The Miraval villas feature private Jacuzzis and romantic fire pits. We can't think of a more glamorous way to stay in the desert.

Photo By: Balfour Walker, Miraval Resort

Hard Rock Hotel, Riviera Maya

For those about to rock Cancun, check out the 9,000-square-foot Bret Michaels rock star suite at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya with its private rooftop terrace, complete with a neon-lit fire pit. 

  1. purple photos

Photo By: David Massey, Hard Rock Hotels

Rose Hall, Montego Bay

We have no worries that romantic sparks will fly around this gorgeous fire feature located at Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

  1. tropical style

Photo By: Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

Park Hyatt, Beaver Creek

Cuddle up next to this fire pit with a hot toddy after taking a run on the Colorado slopes or perhaps before with a hearty cup of courage. 

Beaver Creek, Colorado

The Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek is a popular spot for destination weddings and has several fire pits located at the bottom of the resort's fabulous ski runs.

Photo By: Park Hyatt

Beaver Creek

The Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek has numerous fire pits located right next to the resort's gondola, a perfect spot to cozy up with your favorite ski bunny or slope wolf. This is one of the more secluded choices perfect for enjoying a romantic glass of bubbly. 

Photo By: Park Hyatt

W Hotel, Fort Lauderdale

This incredibly romantic fire pit was created by Elena Colombo of Fire Features exclusively for the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. We think it's a fine spot to kindle a conversation with someone special. 

Photo By: W Hotel

Paul Hobbs Winery, Wine Country

Visitors to the Paul Hobbs Winery often choose to take their tastings fireside. This beauty was designed exclusively for the vintner by Elena Colombo of Fire Features in Brooklyn.

Photo By: Fire Features

Hacienda AltaGracia, Costa Rica

Surrounded by lush flora and fauna, the fire pit at Auberge Resort's Hacienda AltaGracia sits nestled in a Costa Rican tropical paradise. 

  1. modern style

Photo By: Auberge Resorts

Westin Lake Las Vegas

Far from the lounge acts and loud casinos, the Lotus Court fire pit at the Westin Lake Las Vegas is the perfect spot for watching the sun set over the desert mountains and for cuddling up under the stars.  

Photo By: Westin Lake Las Vegas

W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island

Located in Puerto Rico, the W on Vieques Island features a stunning fire pit overlooking the Caribbean. It's a perfect spot to relax after enjoying the AWAY spa. 

Photo By: W Retreat & Spa

The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage

The fire pits at the Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage boast breathtaking views of Palm Springs. Order up a suite for your own private pit. 

Photo By: Ritz-Carlton

Ritz-Carlton, Terrace Room

The Terrace Fire Pit rooms on the ground floor of the Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage include their own private fire pits.  

Photo By: Ritz-Carlton

St. Regis Deer Valley, Park City

Guests of the St. Regis Deer Valley in Park City enjoy evening champagne next to the luxurious resort's unique rock formation fire pit, one of the most spectacular we've seen. 

Photo By: Bruce Buck, St. Regis Deer Valley

St. Regis Rocks

The fire pit at the St. Regis Deer Valley deserves a closer look.  

Photo By: St. Regis Deer Valley

St. Regis Deer Valley, Entrance

Even the entrance to the St. Regis Deer Valley has an undeniably incredible fire pit offering a warm welcome to Park City.

Photo By: St. Regis Deer Valley

Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa, Colorado

With some of Colorado's most stunning and breathtaking rock formations as a backdrop, the Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa fire pit is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a cold beverage. 

Photo By: Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa

Gateway Canyons, Poolside

Sunset is a great time to enjoy the poolside fire pit and the rustic beauty at the Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa in southwest Colorado. 

Photo By: Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa

Gateway Canyons at Night

Nighttime is the best time at the Gateway Canyons Resort fire pit where one can drink in the views of one of the world's most majestic red rock canyons while sipping a wonderful beverage. 

Photo By: Gateway Canyons Resort

Sandals Grande Antigua

The fire pits at the Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa are little islands of romance unto themselves. 

  1. tropical style

Photo By: Steve Sanacore, Sandals

The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

Guests at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island enjoy stunning sunsets and tasty cocktails year-round at the posh resort's courtyard fire pit. 

  1. outdoor spaces

Photo By: Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island Moonrise

The fine folks at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island will set up a private fire pit, complete with blankets, among the dunes for guests. We can't think of anything more glamorous than that. 

Photo By: Ritz-Carlton

Hualalai Resort

Hualalai Resort is a private resort owned by the Four Seasons. The private residences at the Hualalai Resort enjoy private pools with unique fire features and their own romantic fire pits overlooking the Kona coast.  

Photo By: Four Seasons Hualalai

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, San Diego

One of the best spots at La Costa Resort & Spa is the oval shaped fire pit. We think it's quite a fabulous place to relax after a hard day at the spa.

Photo By: Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs

We're sure you'll feel that Rocky Mountain high as you relax by this sprawling resort's cozy fire pit. The Cheyenne Mountain Resort is also fast becoming one of Colorado's most popular destination wedding spots. 

Photo By: Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Hawks Cay Resort, Key West

Since its installation, the fire pit at Hawks Cay Resort has become the romantic heart of this Florida Keys vacation spot. 

Photo By: Hawks Cay Resort

Four Seasons, Rancho Encantado

Located a few minutes outside of Santa Fe, the fire pit at the Rancho Encantado celebrates the rustic beauty and splendor of the southwest. All of the rooms are casitas and feature fireplace butlers who will personally keep the flames going.

Photo By: Four Seasons

Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

The fire pit outside the DEQ Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto is where the fabulous meet and enjoy the bar's signature summer cocktail, the Classic Mojito. As the weather gets cooler it's the perfect spot for a hot toddy or two. 

Photo By: Ritz-Carlton

Silicon Valley's Finest

The jaw dropping fire pit is the only one in our roundup that you cannot visit without an invitation. It was commissioned by Fire Features for a Silicon Valley resident. 

Photo By: Fire Features

Fab Fire Feature at Rancho Bernardo Inn

The Veranda Fireside Lounge & Restaurant at Rancho Bernardo Inn is just far enough from bustling San Diego to feel like you're in the middle of nowhere. There's no mistaking the pleasant weather, which means guests enjoy the outdoor fire pit all year long. 

Photo By: Rancho Bernardo Inn

The Historic Lodge at Vail

The Lodge at Vail is the very first hotel to grace the iconic Colorado ski town. A recent multi-million dollar renovation included the addition of this fabulous fire pit located steps away from the chalet-themed resort's own gondola. 

Photo By: Scott Dressel-Martin, The Lodge at Vail

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