7 Best Slippers of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We walked, climbed stairs and even braved the cold in 15 of the most popular slippers to find the pair your feet deserve.

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Updated on January 16, 2024

Our Top Slipper Picks

Slippers are the kinds of shoes that everyone should have in their closet. They keep your feet warm, comfortable and are a great substitution for walking around your house barefoot or in socks. They are easy to slip on and off when running a quick errand and provide much-needed alleviation after being on your feet all day. What's not to like? Everyone can benefit from a pair or two, and they even make great gifts!

There are hundreds of slippers on the market. They differ in soles, material and colors, along with backing, footbeds and open- versus closed-toe. We tried several slippers of varying styles, like Uggs with and without a backing, slippers with rubber grippers instead of a sole and Minnetonka moccasins for men and women. Women's slippers tend to come in brighter colors, while men's stick to earthy, neutral tones. Men's slippers also tend to have broader soles and generally run wider compared to women's shoes. However, everyone's feet are different, which is why we left no style behind when testing the warmth, quality, stability and comfort of today's most popular slippers.

How We Tested

Our team of editors tested and reviewed 15 slippers from 10 different brands. The slippers we tested came in a variety of styles, from an open and closed backing to booties and moccasins. To choose the best ones, we walked on hardwood, tile, carpet and up and down stairs to note the difference in feel and stability. We took into account how comfortable the slippers are with and without socks, as well as how easy they are to slip on and off. To test their warmth, we stood outside for one minute to see how well the slippers resisted the cold. Below are our top picks.

What We Like
  1. Timeless style
  2. Durable sole
  3. Very warm
What We Don't Like
  1. Heavy
  2. Soft to the touch but not much cushion

Although they're on the expensive side and at higher risk of selling out, these cozy knit Ugg slippers take the cake for good reason. The lush sheepskin lining is undeniably comfy and snug, creating ultimate softness and the feeling of a big warm hug. Not to mention the fashionable sweater-knit upper with a fluffy sheepskin collar that pairs well with any outfit. In testing, we found these slippers to be of highest quality due to their supportive sole, thick lining and resistance to the cold — making this shoe good for outdoor and indoor use. The inner fur tends to flatten the longer you wear them, but they remain just as soft, warm and durable for a cozy night in or an errand run. Although these slippers aren't washing machine safe, Ugg offers a Sheepskin Cleaner & Conditioner to rejuvenate your favorite pair.

  1. Sizes Women's whole sizes
  2. Colors Black knit, charcoal knit, and cream knit
  3. Material Knit exterior/shearling interior
  4. Sole Treadlite by UGG (rubber)
  5. Machine Washable No
What We Like
  1. Soft interior
  2. Versatile
  3. Very warm
What We Don't Like
  1. Feels more like a shoe than a slipper

Is it a shoe? Is it a slipper? We say it's both! These moccasin-style Minnetonka slippers are the perfect combination of comfort and function. The pile lining keeps your feet just as snug and warm as sheepskin material (without the high expense), and the soft suede leather design with rawhide lace stitching makes them durable. You may believe a moccasin silhouette would have a narrow sole, but these slippers offer a wide, sierra rubber sole that is equally durable and plush. We additionally found these slippers to be very warm thanks to the thick pile lining, but the thickness combined with a narrow shoe design made the slipper a little too snug with socks on. Nonetheless, moccasins are a timeless staple that deserve a spot in every shoe collection. Similarly to Ugg, Minnetonka offers repellants and conditioners for spot cleaning, which can also be substituted for a gentle shampoo from home.

  1. Sizes Men's whole, half and wide sizes
  2. Colors Chocolate, brown, charcoal, tan, grey, autumn brown, green camo, dark navy and black
  3. Material Suede leather exterior/pile interior
  4. Sole Sierra rubber
  5. Machine Washable No
What We Like
  1. Comfortable memory foam
  2. Versatile
  3. DF Adapt no-sweat technology
What We Don't Like
  1. Heel tends to slip off the back

These affordable Dearfoams slippers have all the elements you need in a good-quality slipper: a supportive rubber outsole, cozy Berber lining and a memory foam insole that mimics the feeling of walking on clouds (seriously, we felt it). Their value also comes from the classic clog design, indoor and outdoor versatility and the ability to throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. We noticed during testing that the backing of the shoe isn't tall enough to cover the entire heel, which led to instances of slipping off. But this is something that can be fixed with a thick sock or sizing down.

  1. Sizes Men's S/M/L/XL/XXL and wide sizes
  2. Colors Pavement, black, chestnut and coffee
  3. Material Microsuede exterior/Berber interior
  4. Sole Thermoplastic rubber
  5. Machine Washable Yes
What We Like
  1. Cork footbed forms to the shape of your foot
  2. Versatile
  3. Easy to slip on and off
What We Don't Like
  1. Takes awhile to break in
  2. On the more expensive side

If cost isn't an obstacle and you're looking for a slipper that serves equal comfort in the great outdoors, look no further than this casual-wear Birkenstock. There is a lot we loved about this shoe in testing, like the adjustable strap and contoured cork-latex footbed that molds to the shape of your foot. Although these slippers need to be worked in for optimal comfort, it is worth the effort for a seamless wear. We like the Birkenstock for outdoors because of the supportive EVA sole and foot arch, which prioritize comfort in every step. The genuine shearling lining keeps your toes nice and toasty outside, even with an open back. The open back is designed with a high footbed edge so your heels won't get dirty in outdoor terrain.

  1. Sizes Women's and men's full and half sizes
  2. Colors Stone coin, night, black and cognac
  3. Material Suede exterior/shearling interior
  4. Sole Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
  5. Machine Washable No
What We Like
  1. Microwavable
  2. Very soft
  3. Relaxing scented and weighted qualities
What We Don't Like
  1. Solely for indoor use
  2. Hard to walk in

Microwavable, weighted and scented with real French lavender? No, you're not dreaming. You can experience ultimate relaxation and warmth in these Warmies slippers, made to relieve stress, keep you warm and soothe aching feet. We tested these unique abilities and they knocked our socks off (literally). After just one minute in the microwave, these slippers provided an hour of heat. The lavender scent also became more prominent once warmed up, adding to the tranquile vibes. Despite these special features, Warmies Slippers are not for big strides. The lack of an outsole made them hard to walk in, even with the rubber grippers. We also found that the weighted beads inside the slipper liked to gather above our toes, which contributed to uneasy walking. We recommend only wearing these slippers when sitting or lying down, which honestly, sounds like the perfect cozy night in.

  1. Sizes One size fits all
  2. Colors Grey, purple, marshmallow brown, marshmallow grey, leopard, snowy, lavendar, cream and green
  3. Material Faux fur interior and exterior
  4. Sole Memory foam innersole
  5. Machine Washable No
What We Like
  1. Covers entire foot and ankle
  2. Very thick
What We Don't Like
  1. Not supportive
  2. Loose fitting

The extra thick footbed gave these slippers a plush and pillowy feel that outshone all the other slippers in our test. The sherpa lining provided instant warmth and comfort as well, not to mention the bootie style that brought this irresistible warmth all the way up to our ankles. The adorable chunky knit exterior design won us over, as this style is something everyone can enjoy. Similarly to the Warmies Slippers, the Bombas sub grippers for an outsole which isn't the best for walking. They feel more like wearing oversized wool socks than a slipper itself, so we recommend putting these on bare feet.

  1. Sizes Women's and men's S/M/L
  2. Colors Cabernet, harbor grey, black and marine
  3. Material Knit exterior/sherpa interior
  4. Sole Rubber grippers
  5. Machine Washable Yes
What We Like
  1. Stylish
  2. Several color options
  3. Inexpensive
What We Don't Like
  1. Not very versatile — better for indoor use
  2. Not as warm due to open toe design

These FITORY open-toe slippers certainly don't sacrifice style for comfort. Much like the Birkenstock Boston Shearling slippers, the cork footbed provides arch support that reduces foot fatigue while keeping them nice and snug (and for a much cheaper price). During testing, we noticed these slippers had a great grip on the floor and were 100% slip-free. The front buckle is also adjustable, making these slippers suitable for all foot types. We found ourselves driven to these shoes the most due to the simplicity of slipping them on and off — an important quality in a versatile slipper. Since the FITORY's are designed as open-toe, these slippers were not the warmest, but the faux rabbit fur was too soft to disregard in our top picks.

  1. Sizes Women's whole and half sizes
  2. Colors Beige, black, camel, pink, wine red, grey, brown, leopard and blue
  3. Material Faux rabbit fur interior and exterior
  4. Sole EVA
  5. Machine Washable No

What to Consider When Buying Slippers


The inside of the shoe is important because this is the part that touches your skin, so you want it to be comfortable. If you prefer a soft shoe, opt for a shearling lining. If you like a cushion base, find a slipper with an innersole made of memory foam. Or if you prioritize warmth, a wool-lined slipper will do the trick. It is also important to consider if you have sensitive skin, and to choose a slipper with a lining that doesn't irritate your feet. Reading product specifications online will help determine the material you’re looking for.


The kind of sole on your slipper is important, especially if you want them to last long and be worn comfortably outside. Arch support, stability and thickness of the sole are all things to consider when picking out your slipper. In our testing, we found the slippers with rubber soles to be the most durable.


If you want slippers to keep your feet warm, you might want to consider thicker, natural materials. Ugg, for instance, uses naturally thermostatic sheepskin that continuously regulates your body temperature, making their shoes appropriate for all climates, specifically cold ones. Noting how much skin is exposed in the slipper design is also good to note when looking for a warm pair. For instance, slippers with an open-toe are less likely to be warm than slippers that cover your entire foot and heel. In addition, make sure to not sacrifice airflow when looking for warm, thick slippers as adequate airflow eliminates the possibility of sweating and odor.

Easy Access

Slippers are those kinds of shoes that you want to be able to slip on when in a hurry, grabbing the mail or when your feet suddenly get cold. The ability to easily slip shoes on and off also increases the likelihood of wearing them frequently, which is what you should look for in slippers to get the most out of your purchase.


Can I wear slippers outside?

Yes, you can comfortably wear slippers outside as long as they have a sturdy outsole like rubber or EVA. These outsoles are slip- and water-resistant and can better handle outdoor surfaces, rather than flimsy outsoles like cotton or suede. It is also important to note how wide the sole is on the slipper. A rubber sole that’s narrower than the bottom of your foot may make it hard to balance on imperfect surfaces like gravel or grass, whereas a slipper with a wide sole is more stable. Although slippers can be worn outside, it is recommended that they aren’t worn for long durations of time. They are still not as supportive as regular shoes and will become uncomfortable the longer you wear them.

What if my feet sweat in slippers? Do I need to wear them with socks?

Wearing slippers with natural linings like sheepskin and shearling will prevent sweat from forming, as these natural fabrics are breathable and moisture-wicking. Adequate airflow is key to keeping your feet sweat-free, so opting for slippers with an open toe or back is also a good option. You can wear socks to prevent odor, as they act as a barrier between the inner lining and any moisture or dirt from your feet — also keeping sweat from forming.

How often should I wash my slippers?

It is important to note the manufacturer's instructions on how to wash your slippers and how often, but generally it is recommended to wash them once a month or whenever they start to smell. Unwashed slippers can attract irritating house germs that can affect your skin, so it is best to wash your slippers more often than not. Wearing socks with your slippers limits the likeliness of tracking these germs, due to the barrier qualities mentioned previously.

What are the most supportive slippers?

In testing, we found the most supportive slippers to be the Uggs, Birkenstocks and Minnetonkas. These slippers had a rubber or EVA sole and/or provided arch support, qualities that made the slippers much more stable than the rest. The thick outsoles and foot molding abilities provide optimal comfort and a strong structure for your feet.

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