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15 Ways to Organize Your Makeup and Beauty Supplies

By: Mina Hochberg

Makeup and beauty products have a way of overtaking bathroom storage. If your makeup drawers are out of control or your bathroom lacks storage space, here are some organization ideas that will help bring order to your beauty supplies.

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Hang Your Makeup

For bathrooms short on storage space, consider putting makeup in a hanging shoe organizer. Danielle Della Pella, owner of Home Story, categorizes makeup and stows it into labeled shoe pockets. A shoe organizer with see-through pockets allows you to find items quickly while taking up zero counter and cabinet space.

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Upcycle Ice Cube Trays

Single-color eyeshadows are easy to lose in overcrowded drawers or bins. Danielle Della Pella of Home Story keeps track of eyeshadow singles by stowing them in ice cube trays. This DIY solution is easy and very budget-friendly.

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Photo: Home Story

Charming Jars

Mason jars are ideal for organizing wand-shaped beauty items such as makeup brushes, lip pencils and mascara. Danielle Della Pella of Home Story recommends Mason jars as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic storage containers. Fill the bottom of the jar with glass beads to keep brushes upright.

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Photo: Makeup & Beauty Blog

Put Makeup on Display

If you have beauty products worthy of display, place them on a pretty cake stand. Karen Monterichard, owner of Makeup & Beauty Blog, arranges perfume bottles on a two-tier cake stand, placing shorter bottles on the bottom and taller bottles on top. Cake stands are also convenient for displaying nail polish, lotions or any products with attractive packaging.

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