Alison Victoria Shares Her Skincare and Wellness Tips

Skincare is a passion for interior designer and HGTV star Alison Victoria who shares her favorite products and wellness routine.

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June 17, 2021

Photo by: Maria Ponce

Maria Ponce

HGTV star Alison Victoria is a busy lady. In between hosting Windy City Rehab and star turns on Rock the Block, she haunts the skincare counter for new beauty products to try.

She learned from the best, her father, who swore by Oil of Olay and swigs of cod liver oil. "Every single morning he would mix it with his orange juice," says Alison. "And my dad who just recently passed away at 89, looked like he was 65 years old. He didn't have a wrinkle on his face."

Alison's own skincare obsession came early. "The minute that I got my driver's license, I drove to Nordstrom. I'm not even kidding," she says.

"I went to the Chanel makeup counter, and I told her I wanted the best eye cream. And she asked if it was for my grandmother. And I said, 'No, it's for me.'"

Alison's at-home vanity is testament to her skincare mania.

"If you could see my vanity! When I built this house I created these little niches on the left and a right of the two vanities, little glass shelves" she says, "so I've got all my lotions and all my potions and I'm always trying new products. I'm just obsessed with skincare and just making sure that I'm being really good to my skin. I have a million masks I use and try and I'm just constantly obsessed with that."

Alison says she starts her day with an eye mask and maybe some at-home microdermabrasian, but not much makeup. Her mother warned her that if she started using foundation, she'd feel like she'd always need it, so she sticks with an undereye cream, mascara and Burt's Bees lip gloss which she also uses as a blush.

She's also a big fan of masks and the Dr.Jart+ Rubber Mask Clear Skin Lover is a favorite, though it is currently unavailable online.

When she does shop for skincare, Alison prefers to do it in person. "I need to feel it on my skin before I commit, so you always test it first. Always."

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Alison likes to use Pink Blossom lip balm both for her lips and to give a bit of glow to her cheeks.

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Alison is a big fan of this liquid undereye concealer that offers buildable coverage and also illuminates the eye area. She uses it in a number of ways: "It's like a magic wand," she says. "I use it on my upper lid. I use it to cover blemishes."

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This hard-to-find cult beauty product exfoliates, hydrates and balances the pH of the skin, and devotees like Alison love it. "I think it's like the fountain of youth. It's unbelievable," she says.

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This new La Prairie eye cream from the Platinum Rare line claims to lift and brighten skin, diminish to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and help skin maintain its firmness. "I've been using their under eye creams forever, but the newest one is very rare," says Alison. "You actually can say, oh my god, I noticed a difference, right?" says Alison. "I can't even explain it. It is unbelievable. It's just brightening day and night. It's so beautiful."

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"My favorite tool in the world is this little micro needling roller," says Alison. "It's truly an at-home microdermabrasion. It's unbelievable. I would say I'm using that every two days. You have to use the roller under your eyes because that's the thinnest skin on your face. That starts to hollow out when we get older," advises Alison.

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"I don't like wasting stuff that's supposed to be for your face on my neck," says Alison. But if there is any beauty rule she has learned, "you always have to make sure you do your neck and your chest. And so I just I swear by that SkinMedica Neck Correct Cream."

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Alison calls this serum from SkinMedica "a game changer." She likes to use it after her regular derm roller sessions.

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"I can't get enough of it!" says Alison about this Fillerina that she uses overnight to keep marionette lines at bay.

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Alison says this overnight cream is the only retinol in her skincare arsenal.

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Alison likes this L'Oreal hyaluronic acid as a cheaper alternative to the usual high-end, expensive brands.

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Alison likes to use this Liquid Clarity product when a breakout strikes to clear her skin quickly.

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"I love bronzing myself," says Alison, who generally mixes bronzer with regular lotion. "I use this Sally Hansen Airbrush on my neck and chest."

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Skin Envy Alison Victoria's beautiful skin is the result of careful attention to what goes on her skin and healthy habits around diet and exercise.

Photo by: Maria Ponce

Maria Ponce

Skin Envy Alison Victoria's beautiful skin is the result of careful attention to what goes on her skin and healthy habits around diet and exercise.

More Wellness Tips From Alison Victoria

  • Heart-Healthy Olive Oil As a Greek-American, Alison is a big fan of olive oil. "I know it's so good for my skin. When I make my Greek salads, my dressing is literally olive oil and lemon juice and oregano and and I drink it at the end, I chug it!"
  • Five Minute Journal "Every day I do the Five Minute Journal. I wake up, and it lays it all out for you: it says three things that you're grateful for, things that would make today great, a daily affirmation. And then before I go to bed, I just write down three kind of amazing things that have happened to me today. And then, how I could have made today even better."
  • Meditation "I meditate for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning."
  • Daily Exercise "I work out seven days a week; like a crazy person because it's a stress reliever and I just like keeping it real tight and right." Alison does interval running on the treadmill and an arm circuit and she's recently been doing Lagree Fitness.
  • Laughter "It really is the best medicine," says Alison. "I've gone through a hell of a year-and-a-half and the only reason I'm alive is because of my friends and the laughter with friends and family."
  • Nine Hours of Sleep "Two favorite things in life are antiquing and sleeping," says Alison.
  • No Caffeine "I only drink water. I don't drink caffeine. For beauty and for health, I do not have caffeine in my diet at all."
  • Juicing "I do celery juice with a little bit of apple and lemon daily," says Alison. "I travel with it. So it doesn't matter what show I'm on. Like when I was on Battle on the Beach, I had my juicer in the trailer and I was making the whole crew juices."
  • Water "I try to drink two big Essentia waters daily."
  • Collagen Alison keeps Vital Proteins Collagen Shots in the fridge and also travels with them for good skin from the inside out.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies The easier way to get your daily dose.

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