10 Essentials Millennials Should Know About Before Moving Day

Whether you're getting your first apartment without roommates or you're buying your first home, these things are sure to make your next big move a bit more manageable.

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May 14, 2019

Magic Touch

Want to get those marks off the walls and get your full damage deposit back? Magic Eraser. Want to spiff up your new place before you unpack everything? Magic Eraser. We guarantee you'll find a multitude of uses for this versatile cleaning tool in-between as well.

Buy It: Target, $8.89

Organize Your Life

The days of writing down labels on masking tape only to fiddle with finding the torn end of the tape for five minutes each time are gone. It's time you bought a label maker and not one of those that requires you to type out each letter on an awkward keyboard. This label maker is controlled by your phone and will have you labeling everything in your life—even after your move is complete.

Buy It: Amazon, $48.13 (Originally $59.99)

Leave It to a Professional: You

If you want to protect all of those large, un-boxable items like chairs, TVs, mirrors and artwork, you need moving blankets. The peace of mind is worth the price, plus these blankets are cheaper than hiring professional movers.

Buy It: Amazon, $54.99 (Set of 12)

Take Charge of Moving Day

Moving day is already stressful enough and you are guaranteed to be using your phone for a variety of tasks. Between the endless calls, Instagram breaks and last-minute takeout orders for you and your friends, you’re guaranteed to get that "low battery" warning sooner rather than later. Circumvent the issue with this portable phone charger. Your future self will thank you.

Buy It: Amazon, $49.95

Don't Sleep on These

One thing that is often forgotten on moving day is your mattress. Sure, you could throw it in the back of a moving van uncovered, but you risk getting dirt and stains on it, especially if you underestimate the mattress's weight and accidentally drop it when loading or unloading. This set even comes with two bags, so your box spring has a home as well. They are fully waterproof and dust resistant, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a great first night’s sleep.

Buy It: The Home Depot, $17.99 (Set of 2)

Move-In Ready

This under-the-bed storage drawer will work double duty for you. Pack up those never-been-worn-but-must-keep tees or whatever else in your life doesn’t have a place, and slide it under your bed in your new place. Not only will you save some cardboard, but you’ll also save yourself some organizational time by getting it done before the move.

Buy It: Ikea, $8.99

Packing Tape PSA

PSA: Do not move without purchasing a real packing tape dispenser! Honestly, the amount of time you’ll save not having to find the end of the tape alone is well-worth every penny.

Buy It: Amazon, $7.62

Mobile Closet

If you’ve never moved before, you probably didn’t know that there are boxes called "wardrobe boxes" that are essentially disposable closets. Yes, it’s true! Say goodbye to the days of piling your dresses or dress shirts (still on the hangers) into your backseat and don’t even worry about trying to pack every single thing you can into your one garment bag. You’re welcome.

Buy It: The Home Depot, $17.68

Moving-Ready Hamper

Getting your own place means you’re an official adult. It also means it’s time to get an official hamper instead of a pile in the corner (we’ve all been there). This one has everything you need. The inside is waterproof, meaning wet towels and clothes finally have a home, and it is collapsible and super easy to transport, meaning it’s moving-day ready.

Buy It: Amazon, $36.99

Start on a High Note

A new place means a fresh start and that should include your storage solutions. Get rid of those baskets and bins you’ve had since middle school that are covered in who knows what and treat yourself—and your cabinetry—to beautiful, brand-new storage bins. Why are these bins a moving essential? Prepack and organize your food, makeup, toiletries, etc. and get a head start on a perfectly organized place. Simply pack, set the bins in their new home and enjoy the benefits of your pre-planning.

Buy It: Container Store, $1.99 - $5.99