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Photography courtesy of Kitchen Aid

Photography courtesy of Kitchen Aid

By: Amanda Lecky

A great grill is the only appliance many people need in their outdoor kitchen. But if you're after a more fully functional space, you may consider a range of other outdoor appliances.


Choose from a gas or electric oven, pizza oven or warming drawer. These are available from a range of manufacturers in built-in or countertop versions. Or look for a wood-fired pizza oven, which is usually a custom-built feature, but do-it-yourself kits are available.

Side Burner

Perhaps the most useful of all extra appliances, a separate side burner allows you to heat sauces or boil water while you're grilling. Most experts suggest opting for a separate burner, either built-in or plug-in, instead of one integrated into a grill.

"The burners built into the grill aren't always powerful enough to be effective, and they can be too close to the grill to allow the use of a full-sized pot," says Laurie Haefele of Haefele Design. For a more versatile solution, consider a plug-in induction burner that you can use indoors or out.

Vent Hood

If your cooking space is close to the house or under an enclosure you may need a range hood to remove smoke and cooking odors from the space. Some come equipped with halogen lighting.


Yes, you can install a dishwasher outdoors. It's a good idea if you dislike hauling dirty dishes inside and have a place to store clean ones outside. This option requires plumbing the outdoor kitchen.

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Pizza Ovens

For those who enjoy the smoky flavors of a delicious homemade pizza, a wood-fired pizza oven is the way to go. This amenity is usually a custom-built feature but do-it-yourself kits are available. Photo courtesy of Kalamazoo

Side Burners

Perhaps the most useful of outdoor appliances is a separate side burner. This amenity allows you to heat sauces or boil water while you're grilling. Photo courtesy of KitchenAid


If you want an easy outdoor cleanup option, think about investing in a dishwasher. Keep in mind that you will need to plan for plumbing instillation. Photo courtesy of Kalamazoo

Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers

Switching cooking methods from gas to charcoal is a breeze with this grill option. Kalamazoo designs high-performance cooking drawers that diffuse heat for gas grilling and incorporate a bed of charcoal or wood in stainless steel drawers for the ultimate grilling experience.


An outdoor sink is a big convenience for washing dishes or just rinsing hands while you cook. It is easier to run a water line from the house when the sink station is positioned close by. Photo courtesy of KitchenAid

Mini Refrigerators

A refrigerator is handy for cold drinks as well as for keeping condiments close to their point of use. Icemakers and wine refrigerators are popular choices to consider. Photo courtesy of KitchenAid

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills burn hotter than gas grills, and you can burn wood in a charcoal grill to impart a natural, smoky flavor into your foods. This Masterbuilt grill is designed for function and mobility, with fold-down sides for food preparation.

Gas Grills

These grills are convenient; they ignite at the push of a button and allow you to control the heat with the turn of a knob. Shop for a grill made of high-quality materials. Photo courtesy of Cal Flame

Utility Drawers

Stainless steel appliances stand up to any outdoor elements. KitchenAid designs drawers for utility, trash and extra storage for convenient grilling.


A refreshing ice-cold beer on tap is a luxury at your fingertips. Outfit your outdoor kitchen with this amenity and you'll never go thirsty. Photo courtesy of True Outdoor Kegerator

Photo By: True


Many homeowners choose to include a refrigerator in their outdoor kitchen. It's handy for drinks, but also for keeping condiments close to their point of use. Ice makers and wine refrigerators are popular choices.



Photography courtesy of Kitchen Aid

Photography courtesy of Kitchen Aid

Outdoor Sinks

An outdoor sink is a big convenience for washing dishes or just for rinsing hands while you cook. "It can really improve the resale value of your outdoor kitchen," says landscape architect Steve Chepurny.

If you decide to include this feature, you'll have to decide how to feed the faucet. Running a water line from the house is one option. In cold climates this line will have to be insulated and buried below the frost level. Others use a garden hose that they can disconnect in the winter. Or install a line with an indoor valve so you can drain it before the weather dips below freezing.

Drainage is another consideration. You may be able to tap into your home's main drainage system, or create a gray-water reservoir. Each municipality has different regulations, so check with your local authorities and work with a licensed plumber.

Once the logistics are set, your best bet is a sturdy stainless-steel sink and an outdoor-approved faucet with a high-arcing neck, so you can fit large pots or basins underneath it easily.

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