Upcycle an Old Cake Pan Into a Christmas Candle Ring Centerpiece

Got a past-its-prime Bundt or tube cake pan taking up space in your cabinet? In just a few steps, you can upcycle it into a cheery Christmas centerpiece to brighten up your holiday table all season long.

Pink Christmas Table Setting With DIY Candle Ring Centerpiece

Pink Christmas Table Setting With DIY Candle Ring Centerpiece

Got a past-its-prime Bundt or tube cake pan taking up space in your cabinet? In just a few steps, you can upcycle it into a cheery Christmas centerpiece to brighten up your holiday table all season long.

Photo by: Derek Trimble; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Derek Trimble; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Materials Needed

  • clean, Bundt or tube cake pan
  • assorted glass or shatterproof ornaments in colors of your choice (we used shades of pink and gold)
  • large gold pinecone ornaments (or similar long and slim ornaments)
  • dark green spray paint
  • faux evergreen foliage
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • battery-operated candle a bit smaller than cake pan’s center
  • tarp or paper to protect work surface
  • scissors

1. Paint Cake Pan

Protect work surface with a drop cloth or paper, then coat all sides of the pan’s exterior with dark green spray paint. Allow to dry.

2. Temporarily Place Candle

Insert your chosen battery-operated candle in the cake ring's center to determine how much space around the ring's center you'll need to leave undecorated so the candle can be inserted later. Remove candle.

Photo by: Derek R. Trimble

Derek R. Trimble

3. Begin Attaching Greenery

Pull off (or cut, if necessary) small sections of greenery from a faux evergreen branch (Image 1). Remembering how much space you can decorate around the candle ring's center, begin attaching greenery sections to the top of the ring with hot glue (Image 2). To create a rounded, wreath-like shape, bend the greenery over the pan's sides and hot-glue, then hold, in place (Image 3).

4. Continue Adding Greenery

Working your way around the pan's top (Image 1), then continuing onto the sides, add more greenery, evenly spacing it as you go and gluing on the side pieces between the sections you added to the top (Image 2). Note: Evenly space greenery as you go but don't worry about covering the entire cake ring at this point.

5. Add Largest Ornaments to Top

Add hot glue around the top of a large ornament (Image 1), then press in place, nestling it between two of the top greenery sections (Image 2). Hold in place while the glue sets up, then continue adding large ornaments next to each of the evenly spaced greenery sections (Image 3).

6. Add Medium Ornaments

Add hot glue to the medium-sized ornaments and place them next to the greenery covering the candle ring's top and a bit onto the sides (Image 1). Work your way around the ring (Image 2), adding medium size ornaments till you're happy with the design.

7. Fill In With Small Greenery Sections

Before moving to the smallest ornaments, fill in any large gaps between the medium and large ornaments with smaller greenery sections, cutting them to size with scissors (Image 1). Use hot glue to attach these small sections next to each of the medium and large ornaments (Image 2).

8. Add Smallest Ornaments

Fill in any gaps between the large and medium ornaments, around the ring's top and sides, with mini ornaments in your chosen color palette (Image 1). If necessary, use scissors to cut even smaller sections of faux greenery to fill in any remaining holes (Image 2).

9. Finish Filling In Sides

Finally, Add gold pinecone ornaments (or similar long, slim ornaments) to the candle ring's sides. Step back, focusing on any large holes, then fill in any remaining gaps with more medium-size ornaments or small bits of greenery.

Photo by: Derek R. Trimble

Derek R. Trimble

10. Place on Table + Add Flameless Candle

Time to show off your handiwork! Place the finished candle ring at the center of your holiday table, add the battery-operated pillar candle and enjoy a colorful Christmas centerpiece that requires no maintenance to keep its cheery good looks all season long and that you can display year after year (Images 1-3).

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