10 Super Sweet Candy-Free Valentines

This year, you can gift all the sweet without the sugar.

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10 Candy-Free Valentines
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Candy gifts are at an all-time high on Valentine's Day, so why add to the noise? Gift your Valentines in style this year with these adorably punny candy alternatives.

Prehistoric Love

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

No candy needed here! Use the “You Are Dino-Mite” template to create small cut-out valentines. Once the cards are shaped, attach a mini plastic dinosaur toy to the paper card with washi tape for a cute, candy alternative.

Retro Rocks

Get nature involved this Valentine’s Day. Create mini rock pets out of collected stones. Attach googly eyes, a smile and even a pompom for a tuft of hair. Glue to the “You Rock” template and get ready to rock your friends’ worlds.

Ultra-Bubbly Valentine

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Blow their minds with this interactive Valentine’s Day treat. Secure a tiny bubble dispenser to the “Blowing Kisses Your Way” template and create a bubbly love day treat anyone would burst over.

Tie the Knot

Craft cute friendship bracelets out of embroidery thread by braiding or knotting the thread together. Punch a hole in each side of the “Valentine’s Would Knot Be the Same Without You” template, weave the bracelet through the holes, and secure to the note with a knot.

Color Me in Love

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Who wouldn’t want a brand new box of crayons? Using washi tape, attach the “You Color My World” template to a box of crayons, and you’re ready to hand them out.

Glowing With Love

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Light up their world this V-Day. Punch two holes in the top of the “You Light Up My Day” template. Weave a glow stick through both of the holes and dole these glowing treats out to your friends.

Eyes for You

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Sunnies make the perfect no-candy Valentine’s Day solution. Tape a pair of sunglasses to the “I Only Have Eyes For You” template, and you’re ready to get gifting. Not only is this valentine sweet, but it’s also useful!

Racin’ to You

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Toy cars are a great alternative to candy-filled valentines. Attach a toy race car to the “You Make My Heart Race” template with washi tape and get ready to hit the road.

Comradery at Its Finest

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

With a trip to the dollar store and a bag of toy soldiers, you’ll be the hero of V-Day. Secure a couple toy soldiers to the “Love Is A Battlefield” template and save the day with this unique Valentine's Day treat.

Getting’ Crazy!

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Sip, Sip, Hooray! We’ve found the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day. Punch a hole in the top and bottom of the “Sip Sip Hooray! It’s Valentine’s Day!” template and slip a crazy straw through the holes. Bring to your V-Day party and get to sipping on all those sweet drinks.

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