10 DIY Galentine's Day Gifts Your Squad Will Love

Have your gals been there for you through it all? Celebrate them this Valentine's Day with one of our sweet, handmade gift ideas.

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DIY Rose Clay Mask

Give the gift of pampering this Valentine’s Day. This DIY rose clay face mask from Soap Queen includes natural ingredients such as avocado oil, rosehip seed oil and kaolin clay that are guaranteed to make your friends feel (and look!) like the queens they are.

Make This: DIY Rose Clay Mask

Conversation Heart Pillow

While conversation hearts are the quintessential Valentine’s Day treat, these sweet heart-shaped pillows are way more practical (and cozy!). Believe it or not, this DIY gift is actually a no-sew craft! Glue attaches the fabric of your choice to a foam pillow form, while stick-on felt lets you quickly add a word or phrase.

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Chic, No-Sew Headband

Planning a Valentine’s Day spa party? Craft braided headbands in the holiday’s signature color so you and your friends can keep your hair back as you enjoy face masks and mojitos. These neat hair accessories don’t require sewing! All you need is pink fabric, scissors, ribbon and a hot glue gun.

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Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

This DIY from HonestlyYUM is one gift that your friends won’t be expecting this Valentine’s Day. Inexpensive, inventive and useful, these coffee filter tea sachets are hand-cut, sewn and filled with your gals' favorite loose tea.

Make It: Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

Rose Petal Bath Bombs

Roses are a classic choice for Valentine’s Day. But rose petal bath bombs? Now that’s a standout gift. Flecked with rose petals and infused with moisturizing coconut oil, these bath bombs are a luxurious gift your gals are sure to love.

Make This: Petal Pusher

Gold Heart String Art

Impress your pals with a gift that looks so professional, they won't believe you made it yourself. Try making several mini string art creations to pass out to your friends, in addition to a large statement piece to hang above your mantle or decorate your entryway.

Make This: Modern String Art Heart

Pretty + Pink Ombre Candles

From the flickering light to the fresh aroma, nothing is as relaxing as a candle. This ombre candle gets its pink hue from crayons, of all things! Use any container you want to create looks ranging from modern to farmhouse chic that will match all your friends’ tastes.

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Friendship Bangles

Remember friendship bracelets? Give your gals a grown-up version of this childhood favorite by swapping embroidery floss for wooden bangles and plastic beads for chic leather accents. These pretty, color-blocked accessories are so easy to customize, every chick in your click is bound to love them!

Make This: Galentine's Day Friendship Bangle

DIY Cement Heart Necklace

The glamour of gold plus the minimal beauty of cement, all packaged in a heart-shaped charm makes this DIY perfect for gifting your girlfriends this February 14. Quick-dry cement and a gold leaf paint pen are the secrets to this deceptively easy DIY from Living La Vida Holoka.

Make This: Heart-Shaped Cement + Gold Necklace

Color-Blocked Flower Pots

Potted plants are a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift, especially when your flower pots are as snazzy as these. Glammed up with vibrant paint, these color-blocked containers are the ideal vessel for a pretty plant. For a low-maintenance option, plant your gift with succulents like the dark green echeveria show here.

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