Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

Create sweet gifts for your friends and family this Valentine's Day with these fun handmade candy cards.

Candy Valentines

Spread a little love this Valentine's Day with sweet, handmade cards. Create your favorite flower or garden love bug and fill with candy for a charming gifts. These are great Valentine's Day treats for kids or adults with a sweet tooth!


To create your valentines you will need paper, sandwich bags, scissors, candy and a hot glue gun. Choose a stiff paper like card stock that can support a bit of weight. You can use any kind of clear sandwich bag, with or without a zip closure.

Cut Your Shapes

Begin by cutting out the shapes you will use for your cards. You will need a piece for the back and a piece for the front that should be exactly the same size. Cut through two pages at once to be sure you are creating identical shapes. Cut a shape out of the middle of the top shape. This hole will be filled with candy.

Glue on the Bag

Hot glue (adults should supervise children when handling hot glue guns) the plastic bag to the back piece of your card. You only need glue along the edges of the card. At this point you should still be able to open the plastic bag. Only one side should be glued to the card.

Add Candy

Create a pile of candy inside the plastic bag, in the center of the card. Use the top to measure for correct placement and size, the pile of candy should fit in the hole on the top card piece.

Attach the Top

Use the hot glue gun to attach the top piece to the back, sandwiching the plastic bag and candy in the middle. The heat from the hot glue gun should melt the plastic together and seal the candy completely in the card.

Trim the Edges

Trim any excess plastic from the edges of your card. If the front and back pieces don't fit exactly, trim them at this stage as well.

Add Decorations

Use smaller pieces of paper to add details to your card. In this case we cut up black construction paper to define the ladybug's head and spots.

Finishing Touches

Use paint, marker or colored pencil to add any finishing touches to your card. Include a note on the back and your valentine is complete!

Share Your Valentines!

Your sweet garden Valentines are ready to share! For simple cards, try creating a heart or flower. Fill the center of the flower with candy or a healthier treat like sunflower or pumpkin seeds. For a more challenging card try a butterfly. Instead of painting decorations on its wings, fill them with colorful candy!

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