12 Ways to Pamper Your Pup on National Dog Day

Every dog has its day.

If you didn’t already know, National Dog Day is this Sunday, Aug. 26. In other words, your furry friend is wondering why you didn’t plan him a party. Don’t worry — he said he’d settle for some pampering from his favorite human. Need some ideas? Read on to see which ones best suit your pooch.

1: Make homemade treats.

Frozen Dog Treats, 3 Ways
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Treats are a sure way to please almost any pup.

10 More Dog Treat Recipes

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2: Update an old bed.

Washable Pet Bed Cover

DIY Farmhouse-Style Dog Bed Cover

Make a washable cover for your fur-baby’s bed that is oozing with charming farmhouse style. This simple sewing project can transform a bed your pet loves into one you love as well!

Photo by: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Is Fido’s favorite sleeping spot looking a bit tattered? Learn how to make a DIY dog bed with our easy-to-follow instructions.

13 More DIY Dog Beds

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3: Go for a walk.

 Travel with dogs

Travel with dogs

Photo by: DogVacay.com


Most dogs love a leisurely stroll. It not only provides exercise but also creates a bonding experience between pet and owner.

4: Organize all the doggy things.

DIY Pet Storage Station
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Though this might not instantly excite your four-legged friend, it will benefit them in the long run. Organization means easier access to all their favorite treats and toys.

5: Build a doghouse.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches

Make the space homey by adding your pet’s name above the door. For the inside, consider a blanket or a rug that can be removed for cleaning. Make sure no nails have poked through the inside. If they have, file down the points so your dog will not be harmed.

Photo by: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo by Sam Henderson

Does your pup spend a lot of time outdoors? Make a doghouse to offer shade, warmth and protection from the elements.

6: Make a bow tie.

No-Sew Dog Accessories
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Diva dogs, this one’s for you! Some pets just need a little glamour in their lives.

7: Go for a swim.

Dog in pool

Wet Dog in Pool

A wet dog leans on the edge of an inflatable outdoor pool.

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/Dorottya_Mathe


This is totally dependent on your dog. For instance, my four-legged friend does not appreciate pool days, but her doggy BFF swims any chance he gets.

8: Make a new toy.

Learn how to sew this fabric log toy for your favorite furry pal.

Branch Out: DIY Dog Toy

Learn how to sew this fabric log toy for your favorite furry pal.

Photo by: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo by Melissa Caughey

Sew a DIY fabric log with our step-by-step tutorial. Your furry pal will know the new toy was stitched with love. 

9: Massage or brush him.

Woman Grooming her Dog in Living Room

Woman Grooming her Dog

This living room proves to be the perfect place to groom your dog with a soft white carpet and plush sofa.

That’s right — I’m suggesting a doggy massage. Before you deem me a crazy dog lady, (OK fine, I agree.) know that a massage can calm your dog’s nerves, prevent injury and relieve soreness or stiffness. Totally worth it! But if Fido’s not feeling it, try giving a good brushing instead.

10: Paint a watercolor pup portrait.

DIY Watercolor Pet Portraits
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I’d like to think my pooch would appreciate a portrait of herself, but it’s up for debate. Give this DIY a try, and see what your pup thinks.

11: Make a new collar.

Puppy Pic

Rambo the Dog With Red Collar

This dog gives the camera a curious look as he sits in the middle of a wooden floor and wears a red collar.

Is it time for a new collar? Make one with your favorite fabric.

12: Go to the dog park.

Dog Runs

Miami Dog Park

These four-legged friends enjoy Coconut Grove’s Blanch Park that was specifically designed for dogs in mind.

Photo by: Image Courtesy of XGrass

Image Courtesy of XGrass

For a social dog, there’s no place like the dog park. Take them for some uninterrupted playtime with their fellow canines.

Drool-Worthy Digs Designed Especially for Dogs

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Spaces designed for playful paws, wagging tails and sweet, slobbery kisses.

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