Pamper Your Pet With These Adorable DIY Projects

Whether you just want to indulge your pet or solve an existing problem, these DIY pet projects offer great ideas for making the most of life with your furry friend. 

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Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

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Kitty Litter Station

If you love your kitty, but hate the unsightly litter box, this is the project for you. Give kitty a little privacy while keeping all the litter box necessities hidden in one convenient spot. 

Make It: Turn a Cabinet Into a Kitty Litter Station

DIY Doggie Door

If you have a fenced in yard, one of the best ways to help your dog make the most of it is with a DIY doggie door. In only a few hours, you can give Fido his first taste of (partial) freedom. 

Make It: How to Install a Dog Door

Interior Dutch Door

If your bigger issue is keeping your dog contained while still keeping an eye on him, this DIY Dutch door may be the perfect solution.

Make It: How to Make a DIY Interior Dutch Door

Custom Food Container

Keep your pet's food fresh and safe from prying paws with a pretty, painted galavanized bucket complete with your fluffy friend's name.

Make It: Custom Dog Food Container

Homemade Cat Toy

Cats love to play, especially with you! Create your own leather and feather cat toy for hours of fun as well as important bonding time for you and your best bud. 

Make It: Leather and Feather Cat Toy

DIY Doghouse

If your pup spends a lot of time outdoors, consider creating a cozy space for shade, naps and escape from the rain. This simple design can even be customized for a look that's all your own. 

Make It: Build a Simple-Gabled-Roof Doghouse

Pet Silhouette

More for you than your pet, this sweet pet silhouette is actually incredibly easy with the use of a printer and some tracing paper.

Make It: DIY Pet Silhouette 

Peekaboo Window

Satisfy your pooch's curiosity with a peekaboo window that allows him to happily take in the outside world, all from the safety of your backyard. 

Make It: How to Add a Peekaboo Window in a Fence

Cat Playing With Catnip Toy

With 50 percent of cats falling into the catnip-lovers camp, it's no surprise this adorable catnip toy is a big hit with the felines. 

Make It: How to Make a Stocking Catnip Toy

Cat Garden

Speaking of catnip, this list of edible plants for your kitty may inspire you to plant your own cat garden!

Find It: 7 Plants to Grow for Cats

How to Make a Pet Feeding Station

Easily keep bags of food, toys and even your pets medications all in one convenient spot with a trunk-turned-feeding station. 

Make It: DIY Feeding Station

Leash Holder

Your pup deserves more than a generic hook for his leash. Try your hand at this adorable leash holder that features a painted pic of your favorite pooch. 

Make It: DIY Dog Leash Holder

Doggie Hammock

Keep your car seats clean while preventing your precious cargo from hopping into the front seat with a removable car hammock that is also completely washable.

Make It: How to Make a Car Hammock for Your Pet 

Colorful Pet Gate

Ideal to keep pets and small children safe as well as contained, this stunning gate would add stylish flair to any home.

Make It: Pet Gate Inspired by Modern Art

DIY Cat Climbing & Scratching Post

Let your cat unleash its wild side with a climbing post that goes all the way to the ceiling. Cute baskets are perfect for afternoon naps, while a sisal lining it ideal for kitty claws. 

Make It: How to Make a Cat Condo

Doghouse + Run

If you can't afford a fenced-in yard, a dog run may be your next best bet. This attractive design features a built-in doghouse for shade and an escape from the elements, as well as a bit of safe outdoor space for your pup to enjoy. 

Make It: How to Build a Dog Run With Attached Doghouse

Proud-Parent Pattern

Finally, every pet lover needs this playful work of art in their home. Download and print the free pattern. Then enjoy a relaxed evening cuddled up with your pets, stitching away. 

Make It: Free Subversice Cross Stitch Pattern for Pet Lovers

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